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How to lose weight on the face – healthy ways to slim your face

lose weight in the face

Outlines the healthy strategies for how to lose weight on the face and end up with a more sculpted set of face contours with endangering your health or skin.

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It can seem hard to lose weight on the face. With a bit of discipline, you can lose a few pounds on your stomach or hips relatively quickly – at least compared to your face. For many, how to lose cheek fat is a little more difficult. Double chins and chubby cheeks can prove to be quite stubborn.

How to reduce face fat. Is it possible to specifically lose weight on the face?

The fat cells around the cheek and chin area are considered to be particularly stubborn. Naturally, it is almost impossible to lose weight only on the face and not in any other problem area. It is rather the case that the pounds drop elsewhere first – and only with a lot of patience and ambition will you get thinner in your face. Even so, there are a few methods you can try to speed up the process a little.

The main thing is to ensure that you lose weight on the face sensibly and do not follow any fads that might endanger your health or your face!

The right diet

Especially if your fuller face is related to being overweight, and therefore with an increased total proportion of fat, a change in diet is essential. Ultimately, if you reduce the amount of fat in your body, you can assume that your face will also become slimmer. Which diet you choose is up to you. Instead of a crash or mono diet, we recommend that you change your diet in the long term and swap fatty and sugary foods such as fast food, sweets and the like for fruit, nuts and vegetables.

A healthy diet always pays off, and this also applies to the face. When the pounds drop all over your body, sooner or later the contours of your face will also narrow. However, it is almost impossible if the round face or full cheeks are genetic. In general, however, you can achieve visible results with a little patience.

For this you should avoid salt, sugar and alcohol as much as possible and possibly also reduce the amount of carbohydrates and maybe even try a low-carb diet plan . Instead, there are a lot of fruit, vegetables and protein-rich foods on the menu. In addition, you can boost your metabolism with the right slim spices , above all the spicy ginger and chilli as well as rosemary.

Drink lots of water

To flush out excess sodium, you need to drink plenty of water. This prevents a puffy face and removes toxins from your body that could make your face look puffy and unhealthy.  Drink at least two liters of water a day. This also ensures firm skin.

Face workouts

You read that right – the facial muscles can also be trained. This not only melts the ‘love handles’ on the cheeks and chin, but also tightens the skin at the same time. If you want to work on your double chin, you can do this with a very simple exercise, quite incidentally and without excessive mouth movements: keep your mouth closed, roll your tongue upwards and press it firmly against the roof of your mouth for ten seconds. Repeat several times to permanently get rid of the double chin .

And against chubby cheeks? A smile helps, above all, but you have to tense the corners of your mouth and pull them up. Hold the tension for about ten seconds and repeat several times. Alternatively, you can shape a fish mouth and pull in your cheeks strongly – hold for about 30 seconds, relax your face briefly and then repeat the exercise.

In summary: 4 simple facial exercises, which you can also do at home:

  • Exercise 1 – for defined cheeks:  raise and lower the cheek muscles by mimicking a big grin with your mouth. With 30 repetitions a day you should achieve initial success.
  • Exercise 2 – for a firmer face: First frown, then smile and repeat this exercise a total of 45 times a day.
  • Exercise 3 – for strengthened facial muscles:  alternately inflate your cheeks and hold the breath for 15 seconds. About 10 repetitions are required here.
  • Exercise 4 – against a double chin:  rest your elbows on a table top, place your thumbs under your chin and press against them. Hold the tension for five seconds and do 10 repetitions.

By the way, such facial exercises also help against wrinkles. How practical!

Facial massage

A facial massage also stimulates blood circulation and has a decongestant effect. For a facial massage you can do any time that stimulates blood circulation, pat your face with all your fingers.

Jade roller

Our secret weapon in the fight against face fat is the jade roller. If we roll the popular beauty tool over our facial skin, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are stimulated. This can reduce swelling and the face automatically appears narrower. 

jade roller is ideal for working a serum into your skin. The massage relaxes the muscles below. The heat generated by the friction ensures an improved skin metabolism and gives the pores the opportunity to open. 

Start the jade roller massage after you cleanse your face. Put three to four drops of serum on your skin and massage it in with three fingers. If it is drawn in, the jade roller comes into play. Start with your forehead and move the roller outward from the center. Then follow the same routine on your cheeks and chin. The neck area and cleavage should not be forgotten either. Repeat this process three times every evening.

Get enough sleep

Sleep also plays an important role. Only 7-8 hours of sleep guarantee that your face will not look puffy in the morning. You can also work on your face shape during this time. 

Lifting masks

The cosmetics industry has also taken on the fat pads on the face, and special lifting masks are now available. These are supposed to tighten the sagging skin of the chin and cheek area with a potent active ingredient complex of collagen, caffeine and vitamins C and E and, with long-term use, even reduce facial fat. It is of course questionable whether it works like this. At least the ingredients have an impact on the complexion.

However, you do not necessarily have to leave a lot of money in the pharmacy or drugstore. Face masks can be made very easily at home – with completely natural ingredients that you can then choose yourself. So you have full control over what you put on your face. Just search in our search window for “face mask” and several different recipes for homemade masks will appear.