How to look prettier: right attitude and top beauty hacks

how to look prettier

Clever guide on how to look prettier outlines the psychology of beauty, and gives you 18 beauty hacks for how to look pretty every day.

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How to look prettier: 9 ‘pillars’ of attractiveness
Can average be attractive?
How to look prettier every day
18 beauty hacks for how to look pretty

Instagram. Facebook. America’s Next Top Model. Masses of celebrity-look-me-at magazines at the kiosk. Message everywhere: You too can make it to the top! Change? Yes, YOU can, if you know how to look prettier every day.

Today life is one struggle for attention. It is important to present yourself on all channels: in countless Internet communities, on private television with its casting and reality shows, at the hip parties where you can always find a camera to smile into, and in private and professional life, in Hardly anyone is dragged through who is not bursting with beauty, youthfulness and self-confidence. It seems as if our perception has meanwhile been reduced to visuals alone. But that’s not entirely true.

 In general, the following applies: Those who are healthy and look healthy are well received because we associate healthy offspring with them (please don’t get us wrong: It’s not always about sex, but it always shapes our behavior – whether we want to or not).

So there are several ways to influence our appearance and thus our attractiveness: We can fall back on “outside” help such as cosmetics and clothing (we’ll get to those in the tips below)- but we also achieve a lot if we move and relax and thus promote youthfulness and health. Learning how to look pretty is by no means Mission Impossible, it is based on the principle of small steps.

How to look prettier: 9 ‘pillars’ of attractiveness

There are nine general pillars of attractiveness: youthfulness, symmetry, the condition of skin and hair, movement, smell, voice, body size, the hormone markings, for example female curves or male muscles, and ‘conformity’.

Can average be attractive?

Yes, as far as the facial features are concerned. In various studies, images of faces were morphed, i.e. digitally superimposed, so that a so-called average face was created. And this face was rated more positively by the test subjects on average than the individual faces. Small deviations from the average hardly disturb, but as soon as it goes to extremes, the attractiveness is over. Incidentally, we assume that this applies to all nine pillars. That is why, for example, unnaturally large silicone breasts and muscles that have become bloated through bodybuilding are not well received.

How to look prettier every day

Each of us wants to look beautiful during the day and still invest as little time as possible in the outside. We all have limited time in the morning and cannot stand in front of the mirror for hours. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if a few little tricks could have a big impact and show us how to look prettier in everyday life?

18 beauty hacks for how to look pretty and…

  • … you will feel comfortable in your skin all day long.
  • … you can sleep longer in the morning.
  • … you don’t have to think so much about your appearance in the morning.
  • … you are prepared for all situations (no matter who you meet).


Big eyes stand for beautiful, alert and healthy people, and are a big factor in how to look prettier. So your demeanor changes when your eyes look big. If you have small eyes, there are a few tricks to help:

  • Light kajal on the lower waterline (I don’t know that only looks good on TV).
  • Curl eyelashes with an eyelash curler.
  • Apply lashes as long as possible (voluminously) ( this is one of my all-time favorites from Shiseido when it comes to mascara ).
  • Use soothing eye drops for dry eyes when you get tired.
  • Eyeglass wearers: If you are farsighted and wear glasses, then you automatically have bigger eyes. The other way around, you should help a little if you wear glasses and are nearsighted.


A blush on your cheeks will make your face look awake and fresh. You can use it to model your face very easily. If you are unsure about this, use a subtle, soft shade at the beginning and only apply a little blush (you can always add more later).


Even skin looks beautiful and healthy. We automatically associate beautiful skin with a well-groomed and healthy person, which is why it is worthwhile to help a little. Here’s what you can do for glowing, even skin:

  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Remove make-up regularly and then take care of the skin.
  • Select a suitable facial care product.
  • Do not put your hands on your face during the day.
  • Select a suitable foundation shade.
  • Cover small imperfections with a matching concealer color.


No matter which product you use. Too much of it usually doesn’t look good any more. To a certain extent, many beauty products beautify us, but that stops at some point. As soon as we apply too much of it, we look artificial and super unnatural.

The most beautiful people are usually those who look very well-groomed and natural. Therefore, it is better to always use a little too little than too much product.


Actually self-explanatory. Oily hair looks straggly and sick, especially on girls with straight hair. In addition, unwashed hair smells unpleasant faster than you think. So you should definitely wash your hair twice a week. I think that’s a matter of course.

This point applies mostly to us who have straight (and perhaps thin) hair. We need to invest more time on this point. Although the hair may not be greasy at all, it will look like this after a very short time and will fall straggly on your face.

Dry shampoo in particular helps against this. If you apply this to your roots in the morning, the hair will stay well-groomed throughout the day and the roots won’t grease too quickly. If you have blonde hair, you can use baby powder on it too. Super cheap and usually works better than many dry shampoos.


At this point I am not allowed to give you any tips, because I have far too many beautiful shoes that are so incredibly uncomfortable. If after half a day you hobble, go strangely wrong and prefer to hold meetings online, then you are wasting a lot of opportunities just because of your shoes. We can do without that!

In the future, it is better to invest in less high-quality shoes that you actually wear every day. If you then add up the prices and look at how often you have worn which shoe, you will soon notice that your shoes, which are actually expensive, are not that expensive.


We already mentioned it briefly above: Long eyelashes make your eyes shine. At the same time, we associate thick, full eyelashes with beautiful and healthy people.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Buy a great mascara for long lashes.
  • Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler before ink (curved eyelashes look longer and open the eye).
  • Wear fake lashes .
  • Invest in an eyelash extension . This will give you wonderfully shining eyes.
  • If you have very light lashes, or use a tinted mascara, dye your lashes .


Light nail polish looks well-groomed longer than dark nail polish colors. There are several reasons for this:

  • It is not immediately noticeable if it splinters and you forgot to remove it in time.
  • It goes with every outfit and make-up.
  • Smaller scratches in the paint are hardly noticeable.
  • Light nail polish colors look great on both short and long nails.
  • You can apply it faster because minor blunders won’t be noticed.

You can see when I get stressed, I wear light nail polish. I love red fingernails more than anything, but I usually don’t have the time to paint the nails several times and touch up immediately if the paint splinters.


You already guessed it: we symbolize thick and voluminous hair with a youthful appearance. Our hair is strongest between 16-25 years. After that, hair growth subsides and the hair becomes thinner. So it’s not surprising that we all want lots of volume and the strongest possible hair.

There are a few ways to help you a little:

  • Use hair thickening products.
  • Style your hair in large, voluminous curls.
  • Wear large curlers overnight (or turn in heatable curlers for an hour in the morning).
  • Use dry shampoo at the roots to give the hair more structure.
  • Regularly give the hair an olive oil cure and then wash it out with detergent and shampoo ( you can find out more about this at the bottom of this article ) This removes unnecessary styling residue and lets the hair fall loosely again.


Bronzed skin always looks great! You can no longer see minor bumps and you look healthy and fit.

This is how you get a tan even without the sun:

  • Use self-tanner on the body. This is my favorite product.
  • Use a special self-tanner for the face.
  • Go to spray tanning. This has evolved and usually looks really natural and beautiful.


If you only want to invest a little time in your make-up in the morning, then just prime your face and fill in your eyebrows.

Most of the time, you can’t do that much wrong if you apply the color layer by layer and choose a suitable shade: Stay away from reddish eyebrow colors (unless you are red-haired).

Many eyebrow sets with powder products come with templates. You can use this right at the beginning to identify the right eyebrow shape for you.


With highlighter on the right places on the face, your skin gets a beautiful, healthy-looking glow. The highlights appear particularly natural on the highest point of your cheeks and below or above your brows.

The best highlighters have very fine shimmer particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This looks most natural and gives you a healthy look.


Well-cared for clothes give you a completely different appearance than your old, dingy-looking favorite trousers. In other words: You can do without stains, holes and loose threads. Even used jeans can look great if you look well-groomed.

With some items of clothing you just have to look at the washing instructions so that you can use them for as long as possible.


Every nail polish looks more elegant if you then apply a glossy top coat. No matter what color your actual nail polish is, if it gets an extra layer of gloss, it will look better and of higher quality. + It lasts much longer as a result.

A UV top coat that can be applied without a UV lamp works best for me. As a result, the normal polish lasts forever (at least 1 week) and the nails get a great shine.


Self-explanatory. In addition to regularly brushing your teeth and flossing, you can do the following:

  • Use whitening toothpaste.
  • Use whitening strips.
  • Teeth whitening from the drugstore (without bleaching).
  • Ideally, you brush your teeth after every meal, but who has time for that? So after every meal you should at least take a look in the mirror, chew gum, drink a lot, and occasionally eat an apple (which temporarily cleans your teeth).
  • Another option to help teeth look better is to consider clear aligners. These are clear plastic molds which help straighten teeth in an aesthetically pleasing way. They are far less intrusive than traditional braces and also tend to have faster treatment times. For more information, consider this resource on the least noticeable at home teeth aligners.   


Do you feel tired and broken? Nobody has to know that! With a good concealer, you can hide your dark circles all day long.

If they are intense, you can cover the dark circles under the eyes with a yellowish concealer (see this tutorial) and then go over them with a skin tone. Tips against dark circles:

  • Min. 7 hours of sleep.
  • Drink more water (at least 2 liters).
  • Avoid foods that you are allergic to.
  • Get enough nutrients (especially iron).


Exercise and a healthy diet are not the only ones that make you feel better. You also radiate it and your body can also be seen. Exercise not only promotes fat burning, but also provides you with sufficient oxygen. This will make you feel awake, fit and radiant again.

You probably already know why a healthy diet is good for you and why sugar is bad for you. If you are interested in the topic, read on my second blog how the body burns carbohydrates, fats and proteins . A while ago I didn’t know that protein wasn’t a source of energy.


The last and most important point! You always look the way you feel. If you are doing well and walking around the world with a smile, then you appear a thousand times more beautiful and relaxed to other people.