How to look older and more adult: male and female tips

How to look older

Outlines how to look older and more adult, with specific strategies and tips for females and for males who want to appear more mature.

“I wish I could look older!” – Such a thought comes to mind for many teenagers who want to look older, smarter, and more attractive. But if there is a desire to look a little older sometimes, then there is nothing wrong with that. The main thing is to do everything in moderation. 

How to look older: the basics for females

We work on ourselves in two directions: appearance and mind. As for looks, here you need to pay attention to your hairstyle, makeup, and clothes.

  • Hairstyle – hair is better of medium length or moderately short, dark in color, without bangs. Light strands, curls, long hair or too short, voluminous bangs – all of these make you look younger. To look not only older, but also more beautiful, get a stylish haircut (such as a bob) from a good stylist and take care of it. Dark hair – doesn’t mean black because black doesn’t suit everyone. Ask your hairdresser to choose a shade of hair that is a little darker for you and color your hair.
  • Make-up – lipstick in rich dark tones (brown, red, raspberry and their shades), mascara – black, blush – dark or bronze (on the cheekbones), eye shadow – dark tones (shades of brown and gray). Make-up should not be loud and should be subtle and harmonious. When painting your eyes brightly, it is better to apply gloss or lipstick in pastel shades on the lips. With the lips highlighted, the eyes should be painted to a minimum. 
  • Clothing is preferable to be classic cut: pants, skirts, dresses, jackets. Beautiful blouses and shirts in a strict style will be good, the image is complemented by scarves and shawls, stylish but strict earrings and rings, quality watches.

A bronze tan (don’t overdo it!), “Feminine”, high-heeled shoes make you look older. Don’t forget to grow up not only in looks, but also in behavior. A calm tone, a confident look, a steady, loud enough speaking voice, the ability to listen to what you are talking to, knowledge in many areas are what you need. You have to be a good conversationalist and interesting person who has his own opinion, knows a lot and knows how.

Changing your wardrobe

Did you notice that some things can adjust the figure? White adds shape while black, on the contrary, makes it slimmer. Clothing can therefore influence age and at least make us look older.

Put on your heels

When you put on shoes with heels, you not only get taller, but also seem a little older. Correctly selected shoes, boots or sandals are already a sign of maturity. But there are also some restrictions:

  • The height of the heel should be such that you can walk smoothly, effortlessly, and without “loose looseness” in the shoes.
  • Wearing high heels in adolescence is dangerous and contributes to the development of scoliosis and other posture problems.
  • Before putting on high heel shoes, think about where you will wear them. If your profession is very active, you may need to change shoes or shoes with lower and more stable heels.
  • Avoid the platform, especially when it comes to platform sneakers or tractor soles – this is part of the Art Nouveau style that you want to avoid.
  • Shoes with a narrow toe look elegant, feminine and adult: you should choose them.

Change your dress style

If earlier t-shirts and t-shirts have prevailed in the wardrobe, now give preference to skirts and cute blouses.

It is better to choose clothes made of natural fabrics: cotton, cashmere, linen, jeans. When you start paying attention to the composition of the fabrics, rather than just their style and colors, you really seem mature and more serious and look the part.

Give up funny prints

Cartoon characters, pictures of animals, and even funny inscriptions add youthfulness, but classic drawings (stripes, polka dots, etc.) look solid. Color is also important. If you’re wondering how to look older, go for bold colors and skip pastel colors.

Things to remove from your wardrobe:

  • Short skirts and shorts;
  • Clothing with logos and prints;
  • Tight pants,tight skinny jeans,;
  • Baseball caps;
  • T-shirts.

Things to have in your closet:

  • Midi and maxi skirts;
  • Classic plain dresses;
  • Silk or chiffon blouses;
  • Cashmere or wool sweaters;
  • Regular cut pants.

Using makeup

Below are the key factors in using makeup to look more mature.

A tanned glow

A dark skin tone will help you look a few years older. It is better to do this with help, not the tonal basis. When you use a dark foundation, the difference between the complexion of the face and neck is visible! Even with ultraviolet light, not everything is so simple: only the face, which is clearly darkened by sunburn, makes us older. So bronzing powder is ideal.

Thin angular eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are the prerogative of young people, they become thinner with age. Don’t go overboard with their thickness. Avoid the rounded shape in favor of the angular. Such a “hard” bend will add strength of face to your young girl.

Matte eyeshadows

Matte eye shadows will also help a girl look older, brown ones are especially good for this purpose. Promotes artificial “maturation” and eyeliner. You can bring the whole eye up and down or just stop at the corners. But be careful if you have small and deep set eyes: a pencil will make them even smaller.


Choose dark shades of lipstick: wine, brown, red, eggplant will do. Avoid lip gloss and shiny lipsticks – they’re youthful. Having a clear outline around the edges of your lips will help you look older.

Face sculpting

High cheekbones are associated with femininity, austerity and aristocracy. All of this is inherent in mature ladies. Dark beige, reddish, brown help visually shade them.

There’s a huge difference between getting older and adding unnecessary years. Make-up should be natural. Excessive dullness, lightness, and a more tonal base make it look more old than decorative.

The right hairstyle

Avoid straight, long bangs that cover your brows. Instead, go for long bangs pushed aside or remove bangs entirely.

Although short haircuts are believed to add age, mischievous strands likely won’t add to your maturity. Better to stay on a classic course or bob course. Always take care of your hair, wash it in a timely manner and do not neglect styling.

Curls gathered in a bun or tail make them look younger, but looser add elegance.

Most often women try to look younger, as this will allow you to remain attractive and confident of the opposite sex for longer. Today, with the help of some cosmetics, it is possible to restore the elasticity and freshness of the skin, which is important for many. There are also a large number of decorative products that are made to hide dark spots , make the lips bigger, and the eyes more expressive.

But for that you have to learn competently to use them. However, there are girls and women who need to look older with help for certain purposes. To do this, you don’t need to have mastered makeup skills to paint wrinkles. It is important just to learn how to skillfully use ordinary decorative products. How can you do that? You can find out in this article.

1. Darken your complexion to look older … This is why you shouldn’t choose dark foundations as the skin on your face is different from your neck and décolleté. To get the effect you will need a bronzer or just a darker powder. Of course, you need to powder your entire face with a powder of your skin tone first so other products will fit better.

Your task will be to darken the contour of the face and cheekbones , which is also great for those who want to make the face more oval. You will need a large natural bristle brush and dark powder. Put some product on your hand, remove the excess on the back of your hand, and gently walk along the contour of your face and under your cheekbones. You can draw more pronounced relief stripes on the neck, but this should be done with the remnants of the product.

2. Use dark lipsticks … Dark lipsticks always add to the look of your age, so you should definitely include such a product in your make-up. Plum, brown, burgundy, and deep red are all perfect for looking older. Brown lipstick, in particular, increases your age, which should make the lips distinctly outlined or even slightly thinner than they are. Choose a lipstick with a moisturizing effect so that the thin skin does not dry out. However, you shouldn’t put gloss on it.

3. To look older, outline your eyes with a black pencil. … you need a regular black pencil that will make your eyes more expressive, but it will also age you. It needs to be applied to the upper and lower eyelids. Try to keep the line as close to the lashes as possible and gently pull a thin tip onto the outside of the upper eyelid. Your eyelashes appear thicker but also make you look older. To make the makeup beautiful, use a soft, thin brush made of synthetic bristles to blend the pencil naturally. You can paint some dark shadows on the blending brush for a smooth transition.

4. Use dark shadows to look older … Of course, if you weren’t planning on making yourself some smoky ice cream, you don’t need black shadows. The ideal option would be dark matte brown eyeshadows, which can add volume and beauty to your eyes, but they will look several years older. For the base, take a beige or cream shade and work with brown exclusively on the crease of the upper eyelid and the lower lash line. Gray eyeshadows are also great for styling the entire upper eyelid and adding an even darker shade to the crease of the upper eyelid.

5. Take care of your eyebrows. Usually, people consider women with thick eyebrows to be younger than they really are. That is why it is so important to make sure that they are not very catchy and expressive. 

6. Match your nail polish to your lipstick … Most of the time, this is only done by experienced mature women who know very well that these two colors should be combined in one picture. This way you can look classier and more expensive, but at the same time older than your age. If you have a burgundy lipstick, the nail polish should have the same light. If it is a plum, then the varnish should be a plum, etc. Don’t forget that your nails need to be in perfect condition, as well as your lips, which need to be thoroughly hydrated beforehand.

7. Use good mascara to look older … In order for makeup to look harmonious, you need to draw your lashes well enough. So use good quality mascara … If this is evening make-up, you can certainly use false eyelashes, which are not that expensive, but the result will amaze you.

8. Use a corrector … Of course, many people associate acne and redness with puberty. In fact, makeup should be appropriate and beautiful, so fill up with a good concealer. It should be used on any redness and rashes that you have on your skin, as well as spider veins and bruises under the eyes.

Thoroughly powder the areas over masking so that the concealer lasts longer on your skin. You will get quite a rich and heavy makeup, but with its help you will look much older than you really are.

9. To look older, complement your makeup with expensive earrings and appropriate clothing. … of course, if you have the opportunity. Usually, in youth and youth, girls do not often wear jewelry made of precious metals with expensive stones, which is why such accessories are associated with maturity.

10. If you have earrings with diamonds then use them. It is also worth noting that a couple of years will be added with evening dress or long skirt , so that perfect makeup can be complemented with a matching outfit.

How to look older: male

A man becomes older and more attractive with a pumped up figure. From now on, the gym is yours best friend ! You can also visit the solarium – a beautiful male figure combined with tanned skin looks great! Also wear a good men’s cologne or aftershave. 


We do not recommend dressing in business style if your figure and appearance do not allow it. This will make you look funny. It is better to choose stylish modern men’s clothes for his age. It is better to choose dark or neutral colors. Avoid bright prints and cheap imitations. Clothes do not have to be expensive, they must be chosen tastefully and only emphasize their dignity.

Avoid sportswear when you are not exercising. Leave the hoodies, sweaters with zippers, kangaroos, stripes, athletic shoes and sneakers to the audience. Adult men know how to choose clothes based on the occasion. Casual option: sweaters, shirts, vests, pants or dark jeans.

Style is mostly manifested in the details and therefore does not scrimp money on good, stylish gloves for men and wallets.


And of course, as with girls, you reinforce your external image through your behavior. We also recommend that many be interested, constantly improving, learning something new and learning to be a good conversationalist. Develop yourself as a person and then everything will be fine!


The main sign of a respectable gentleman is a good haircut,. It has a limited number of modifications and is practical because it does not require styling: the shape of the hairstyle is adjusted only with scissors and is not disturbed by gusts of wind. In addition, you will be offered this service (with varying degrees of virtuosity, of course) in every hairdressing salon.


According to the expert, “steel-rimmed glasses can even transform a poor student from a cooking school into a co-owner of a reputable law firm.” If you don’t wear glasses, do so after consulting an optician. Needless to say, expensive brands give you some more points.


A cleanly shaved face says little about your personality. Established men today release curly stubble (a custom borrowed from Hispanic gangsters). “In addition to carefully trimming the stubble, it should have a precisely defined pattern,” explains the expert. The same applies to mustaches and beards: They shouldn’t look like a wild thicket, but like a noble baroque park.


The darker the skin, the older the person’s face appears. In addition, frequent visits to the solarium dry out your skin, which further increases your apparent age. Just don’t overdo it or you will become a mummy.

Bad ideas

Artificial gray hair. Naturally gray hair lacks pigment, so artificially aged hair looks like foppishness and provocation.

Mustache brush. A mustache in the form of a massive cornice above the mouth opening only looks appropriate in a set with a crystal owl and the title “life member of the expert club”. Without these accessories, you’ll look older, but not smarter.

Hair products: “There is a huge variety of teen hairstyles, and unlike ‘adults,’ almost all of them are haircuts and styling,” explains Yulia. The more styling gel, varnish, and color there is in your hair sculpture, the more you look like an informal with nothing to discuss except snowboards and marijuana.

The right glasses. Find plastic glasses, preferably with brightly colored details, and put them on your nose. Don’t be surprised to hear the mocking exclamation “Hipster!” Bright cheap glasses are youthful.

Shaving. Yes, the stubble again. But young people do not even out the contour of the stubble and let it grow as it needs to over the entire face. In your case, however, the carelessness must be faked: the length of the bristles must be carefully adjusted, otherwise you will look overgrown.

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