How to keep pets off furniture

keep pets off furniture

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What are the best ways to keep pets off furniture? Our guide outlines several strategies and also some home remedies that will deter cats and dogs.

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Dogs are man’s best friend and cats are popular house tigers. As cute as pets are, the animal roommates don’t always adhere to the domestic rules. Scratching on the sofa, balancing on the dining table or sleeping on the TV armchair: the four-legged friends often leave unsightly marks on the furniture. But how can you keep pets off furniture? Here are a few strategies:

Ways to keep pets off furniture

For just amoment that you don’t pay attention… and the dog or cat is already sitting on the blossom-white sofa — and not only leaves hair behind. Young animals in particular like to test the limits with scratching and chewing. But what can you do about it?

Consistent education requires patience

When an animal family member comes into the household, the joy is great. There is cuddling, petting and enjoying the proximity of the animal. It quickly becomes a habit for four-legged friends to sit on the couch with their mistress and owner or to scratch the cupboard door behind which the treats are located. Dogs as well as cats therefore have to be trained to behave correctly and with great consistency. 

By the way, cats are often less impressed by the rules of conduct. Dogs, however, follow their “pack leader” more easily if they are well brought up. Anyone who shows patience in pet education will be rewarded with intact furniture in the long term. Animal trainers who specialize in four-legged friends give helpful, situation-specific tips. 

But also many veterinarians are happy to give a few education tips. With cats it can also happen that they don’t feel comfortable in the apartment. Sometimes it can help to get a “feel-good smell” (pheromones) from the vet. This has a relaxing effect on the cat and it stops scratching the furniture. (Important: discuss with the veterinarian beforehand and get detailed advice!)

Creating species-appropriate alternatives

Cats often scratch the wallpaper or the couch when they are challenged and bored. This can often be seen in the fact that the animals are housed purely. Cats can be very well occupied with scratching posts or play opportunities. If they do not respond to the scratching posts, their location should be changed several times. The best place is usually from where the cats can see a large area of ​​the apartment. Ideally at the window so that she can look out.

Dogs also regularly seek distraction and mental stress. Matching toys for training are available in pet stores. With the right upbringing, dogs also learn very well where they are allowed to stay and where they are not. Also offer dogs several berths. One of them should be located so that the dog can retreat there and find its rest, another place should be close to its “pack”.

Keep pets off furniture with simple household remedies

The desired behavior is always best rewarded with the animal roommates, but inappropriate behavior is “punished”. A simple spray bottle with tap water is sufficient for cats or an unpleasant noise for dogs.

If the pets cannot be kept away from the furniture, annoyed pet owners can purchase so-called keeping-away products from pet stores. These liquids are usually sprayed onto the furniture. Keep-away agents emit unpleasant smells for the animals, whereupon they avoid the furniture. Pets also avoid some natural scents, such as tea tree oil or menthol and lemon. 

Be sure to speak to your vets too! They may be able to give you further tips or recommend an animal trainer who is familiar with such problems.