How to keep celery fresh: 9 ways

how to keep celery fresh

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Our guide on how to keep celery fresh outlines several different methods for short and long-term storage, with and without wrapping – even with sand. Celery (Apium graveolens) is a popular food, but loses its appeal when it loses its crispness. If your celery becomes soft, the best destination for it is in the soup pot! You can cut it into small slices and freeze it until you need it for a soup or stew.

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How to keep celery fresh in the fridge

Method 1

Cut off the end of the root, place the stems upright in a tall glass, add a few inches of water and store in the refrigerator. You want to change the water every few days or it can still go limp.

Method 2

You can also cut it into shorter lengths and keep it completely submerged in water. This may be necessary for part of the stems anyway, since most people haven’t set their refrigerator shelves to handle the full height of a celery bundle.

Method 3

Cut off the celery, place on a slightly damp paper towel and wrap in aluminum foil. Store in the fridge’s vegetable drawer. Will hold up well for at least a couple of weeks.

Method 4

You can put celery stalks in a ziplock plastic bag and seal them airtight before you store them in the refrigerator. It lasts up to 2 weeks.

Method 5

Store in an airtight container with the air ‘burped out’ if possible. Cut the stalks to fit into the container.

Method 6

Store the celery in a vacuum sealed bag, lying down. Cut the stalks to fit into the bag and remove all the air.

Method 7

Store in a simple plastic bag with the opening folded down is sufficient. Feel free to chop a long pile of celery in half to do this. The cut ends degrade a little over time, but not as quickly, and it’s better than bending them or squeezing them in the fridge.

Method 8

First wrap in household paper, then in aluminum foil! Check every few days. If necessary, change the paper.

If you don’t have celery in the garden, but have to fall back on purchased goods, you can store celery in the refrigerator for some time. However, celery is better suited to this than celery root. This is best frozen if you want to store it longer and don’t need larger quantities.

Method 9: How to keep celery fresh using sand

➤ Step 1: Remove the leaves from the celery and then examine the vegetables for damage and soft spots. You should put the sorted out tubers aside and use them immediately. Always use perfect tubers for storage.

➤ Step 2: The celery bulbs are not washed. Let this sit for a few days until the soil that sticks to the tubers falls off by itself.

➤ Step 3: Then put the tubers in a box with moistened sand or wrap them in newspaper. Only then put it in the box.about:blank

How to use celery to keep bread fresh

Many people pack purchased bread in plastic bags so that it stays soft longer. Basically a good idea, because the water that evaporates from the loaf is better stored this way. The ultimate trick to keep your bread fresh for much longer is a piece of celery. Just put it in the bag before you seal it. The effect is brilliant: celery moisturizes, but does not affect the taste of the bread. So it stays tasty, fresh and soft longer.