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Lay a click vinyl floor vs PVC vs parquet wood vs laminate

lay a click vinyl floor

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Click vinyl is catching on in more and more homes. And for good reason: the modern flooring combines impressive functionality and a stylish look. The practical technical features of click vinyl make it a real all-rounder, so it ideally complements any room. And visually, the flooring has much to offer. Here is a guide to install and lay a click vinyl floor.

Lay a click vinyl floor: the background

Vinyl flooring has been available for over 50 years. Click Vinyl is a relatively new style who took laminate as an example and linked its ease of installation with the durable material polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short – which is why it is sometimes referred to as vinyl laminate. Through this clever combination, the click vinyl succeeds to prevail over other floor coverings and to serve you well in the long term. Best of all, you can yourself lay a click vinyl floor very easily

Click-vinyl vs. PVC floor

The classic PVC floor is known as roll goods. Since it is designed as a thin layer, it must generally be glued over the entire surface, so that it does not slip under load and does not deform. In the case of click vinyl, the name already reveals that the floor is not glued but simply clicked: instead of using sheet goods, you attach handy floorboards that are equipped with a click system. This makes laying easy and even makes it possible for do-it-yourselfers to achieve a good result. In addition, individual panels can be replaced easily, should it come to damage.

 Click-vinyl vs. parquet

Those who would like to enjoy a natural atmosphere in their premises often have to choose between parquet floors and designer flooring. An important argument in favor of Klick Vinyl is above all the enormous price difference compared to real wood floors: While high-quality parquet often costs up to 80 € per square meter, click vinyl with a price per square meter of 20 € upwards is considerably cheaper to buy. At the same time, modern vinyl design floors are hardly noticeable in any way on real wooden planks, as they have a particularly authentic effect thanks to an embossed surface. In addition, the panels are extremely easy to care for, whereas parquet needs to be regularly oiled or varnished to maintain its attractive appearance.

Click-vinyl vs. laminate

But what about the little brother of the parquet, the laminate? This is known to lure with a cheaper price. Nonetheless, click vinyl is also far superior to this one. Because most of the collections are moisture-resistant and can be laid accordingly in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In addition, it scores with a higher durability, which owes it to the robust cover layer made of polyurethane. Compared to conventional laminate, the surface of click vinyl feels warmer and the low construction height of the flooring reduces the risk of having to sand down doors for attachment to the bottom edge.

 Easy installation with drop-down system

Normally, panels must be held at a 45 ° angle to each other to connect this subsequent using the click connections. But with the drop-down system, you no longer have to worry about keeping the right angle: you can simply lower the plank you want to attach from the top to the other plank. This makes laying easier and faster and you can enter your new floor in no time.

But the simple attachment is not the only advantage offered by the flooring. It has a 0.55 mm thick durable wear layer and can therefore be used beyond the living area even in commercial areas. At the same time, it ensures greater safety, as it is flame retardant and non-slip.

Take note

If you would like to use a fancy vinyl laminate for your next renovation project, then you should take a look at its wear layer. This tells you whether the floor covering can withstand the future loads. A wear layer of 0.3 mm is more than sufficient for apartments, while for object rooms a thickness of 0.55 mm is recommended. In addition, you can orientate yourself to the specification of the use class and thus check whether the panels are suitable for the intended location.

If you would like to use a heating system with the planks, check in advance if the product has underfloor heating suitability. Note that only a hot water based heating system is an option, as electric underfloor heating systems may overheat quickly and cause material damage. With this knowledge, you can equip your premises with click vinyl safely and visually appealing!

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