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How to incorporate the latest winter home trends on a budget

winter home trends (1)

Outlines how to incorporate the latest winter home trends on a budget, including the #cottagecore look, natural textures, patterns and colors.

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Unfortunately, summer has well and truly gone and the autumn and winter seasons are upon us. With the nights getting shorter and the leaves changing colour, there’s no reason why we can’t add a new lease of life into our homes!

This is the perfect time of year to decorate with some cosy, seasonal trends and colours, all without breaking the bank. Whether you have budget ready to go or you need to get your funds in check, here are some key autumn/winter home trends you need to try:

The #cottagecore look

winter home trends (1)

Cottagecore you ask? It’s a trend that’s been thrown around social media over the past few months, and it’s something you can totally get on board with. It’s a niche trend, but one that’s become quite popular!

It’s all about wholesome items, pastel colours and is based around rural living. Think quaint cottage interiors, floaty fabrics and super soft colourways. Type in #cottagecore on Instagram and let your mind be opened to this new and whimsical trend.

Natural textures

When bringing a winter feel into your home, it’s time to think about all those natural textures you might have been avoiding. We’re talking about the likes of rattan and cane furniture. Although you might envisage summer when you hear the word rattan, you’d be surprised how popular it’s going to be throughout the colder months.

Dress up your furniture with seasonal throws and cushions in typical autumnal colours. Or, if you’re a bit of a DIY expert, why not try transforming an existing piece of furniture such as a sideboard by using rattan webbing as a cheaper way to add this trendy texture into your home.

Ever thought about tartan?

winter home trends

Tartan is a trend that has easily withstood the test of time, and the highland look is one that is can be dressed to complement each season. Having your tartan in muted and natural colours will allow you to easily transition between the hotter and cooler months, all thanks to additions such as cushions and throws in seasonal colours.

If you don’t want to go all out with a large tartan rug, you could always add splashes of the design in the form of blankets to curl up in with a cup of hot chocolate, or even place settings to adorn your festive table with.

Adding pops of colour

winter home trends

Whether you’re keeping a tight hold of the purse strings or not, adding pops of colour is a great way to transition your home into autumn and winter. Plus, it’s a lot less hassle than repainting a whole room or making large furniture purchases!

You might want to introduce the colours of orange and yellow into your room – this can easily be done with vases, lampshades, cushions, throws and even candles. All of these bring in the new colour but with a variety of different textures.

No matter how you choose to bring the autumn and winter trends into your home, there are so many things you can do all while sticking to any budget you might have!