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How to: Ikea wall clock hack for a fun children’s clock

Ikea wall clock hack

Teach your child to tell the time with this fun Ikea wall clock hack for a children’s clock. Easy to make, educational and fun for the kids to learn with.

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Do you sometimes wonder when your child needs a clock? Clear answer: From now on! Because here comes the Ikea wall clock hack to make a learning game fun clock for all ages.

It is generally said that children from the age of five to six learn to read the clock. Before that, however, the numbers have to be learned first. We have taken up this issue and designed a clock for just under $20 with which we can do both.

And so that you can use this clock with children from the age of two, we have also integrated a play aspect of colours and shapes, in which the colours and the animals have to be named.

The production of this clockis simple, but requires some diligence in the fretwork work. First, take our drawn template and copy it with magnification factor 200% to a diameter of 36 cm. Click on the image below to go to the full sized version of the template. A black-and-white copy is sufficient.

Ikea wall clock hack

Transfer the figures with carbon paper and saw them out with the hand-held saw. Note that the cutouts are needed and you need to keep the saw line very close. The handles were made of 15 mm discs, the self-adhesive payments simply placed on them. Well then, time is running out!

Ikea wall clock hack: Instructions

Step 1/7: The Movement

The movement comes from Ikea’s “Rusch” clock. There is no movement cheaper!

Step 2/7: Dimensions for the clock

Ikea wall clock hack

The dimensions of the wooden panels are clearly displayed here. Now the next step is finally starting!

Step 3/7: Transfer animal silhouettes

Ikea wall clock hack

After the template from the PDF has been enlarged with the copier, the animal silhouettes are transferred to the plywood disc using carbon paper and pencil.

Step 4/7: Saw out animal shapes

With a 1.5 mm thick drill, one hole is drilled into the outer line of the animals. Through this hole one now threads the fret saw blade, the leaf again completely clamps into the fret saw arch and saws out all animal forms. Make sure you have a clean saw pattern, as the sawn-out sections are completely needed.

Step 5/7: Saw the recess for the clock movement

Ikea wall clock hack

Now place the base plate made of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and the plywood panel on top of each other and saw in a recess for the movement. After painting, the movement is mounted with mounting adhesive.

Step 6/7: Insert magnetic snappers

Shortened magnetic snappers placed into drilled holes keep the animals in place and make sure they can easily be removed and put back in again.

Step 7/7: Apply wood lacquer

Ikea wall clock hack

Now paint the animal motifs in different colours and paint them with a clear wood lacquer. Finally, transfer the corresponding self-pay and finish the learning fun for children!

After painting with wood lacquer and sufficient drying time, the fun of playing can start. We wish you a lot of joy!

gerhardt-richter Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.