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How to holiday with a dog

holiday with a dog

If you travel with your dog, you should pay attention to a few things from the accommodation to the entry into a foreign country. We give you the most important tips for the holidays at home and abroad with your four-legged friend so you can have a great time on holiday with a dog.

When the holiday season comes, the question arises for many pet owners: where to go with the beloved four-legged friends? Often then friends or relatives are asked and visited animal pensions, but really satisfactory none of the variants. A professional holiday care is also still expensive. So why not travel with the dog?

Tips to go on holiday with a dog

Preparation and arrival

If you plan a trip with the dog, it is not enough to consider your own ideas and wishes, but also the special requirements of the four-legged friend must be considered. Above all, it is important to choose a dog-friendly destination. A city trip with museum visits is less suitable; Holidays in the countryside or in the mountains suit the four-legged friend better.

In addition, you should consider the climatic conditions on site: Heat usually causes more trouble for dogs than their human owners, because they can regulate body temperature only by panting. Find out in advance if your destination has special legal requirements, such as a muzzle or leash requirement. Look out for the signage or ask the local Tourist Information Center for help and bring the appropriate equipment from home.

Which regulations apply to entry and exit?

When traveling abroad on holiday with a dog, be sure to bring the current, documents and licences. In addition, the dog must be properly labeled (microchip or tattoo) and vaccinated against rabies. At the earliest 21 days after the vaccination, it is allowed to travel abroad with the animal. Incidentally, this also applies vice versa if you want to enter Switzerland with animals from abroad.

Accommodation: Hotel, apartment or campsite?

Meanwhile, a whole market has developed so people can holiday with a dog. Whether apartment, camping or hotel — the possibilities are great. In particular, special dog hotels are popular, because the pet is not only tolerated, but even desired. You do not have to worry about much, and there are plenty of exercise and play options. In Switzerland, there are many dog-friendly hotels in all price and star categories.

However, you should always clarify individually which conditions accommodation offers to the owners and which extra costs are to be paid. And finally, you should always take care of the other guests. Always guide your dog on a leash in unfamiliar terrain. Nevertheless, in order to grant sufficient freewheeling, offers itself for the walks in the open air a towline.

Pack it right for the dog

A holiday accommodation is used by many people, so you should also pay attention to some things in the hotel, so that the coexistence with the other guests stays pleasant. Dogs in the hotel beds and on the upholstered furniture to sleep is understandable reasons usually reluctant. Therefore, take an extra blanket with you to protect the furniture and to avoid additional costs for cleaning. In addition, you should bring a blanket, a toy and the usual food, as well as enough droppings. During the trip you should also give your four-legged friends always enough to drink.

By car or plane to the destination

For most families traveling by car is the most convenient. Not least because the dog moves here in his usual environment. During the journey, however, the dog must be secured so that it does not cause serious injuries in an accident. This can happen by means of a dog box in the trunk or special belt device in the back seat. In addition, during a drive you decide when and where you take a break for a short walk.

But also by plane pets can come on vacation. You can carry small dogs with you in a transport box in the cabin, while larger quadrupeds are transported in a box in the belly of the aircraft. The prices for this vary from airline to airline.

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