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How to have healthy hair in summer

healthy hair in summer

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Summer is hard on your hair. You go to the beach, the outdoor pool season has opened and the sunscreen is back in your purse. But not only your skin, but also your hair needs a special care in summer. We have collected the best tips to have healthy hair in summer.

Summer … sun … sunshine. As beautiful as the weather may be, it can be so bad for your hair. UV light and high temperatures often dry out the hair and damage the hair structure. So we’ve come up with some tips on how best to protect and properly care for your hair to have healthy hair in summer.

Healthy hair in summer: Sunscreen for the hair

UV protection for the hair: yes, there is. For example, your hairdresser offers sprays designed to protect the hair from UV rays without weighing it down. These sprays are available in numerous variants and they provide the hair with additional vitamins. Another tip is the time-tested sun hat. It not only protects against sun damage, but also against brittle and dried hair and gives your bathing outfit a special look.

Beach holiday

Those who like to spend their holidays on the beach should be careful to braid their hair to give the wind and sand grains less surface to attack. The sand can roughen the hair surface and damage your hair. Another tip: If you prefer to wear your hair as a plait in the summer, then you should make sure that they are tied together loosely when wet, as wet hair break more easily. In this case, hair clips or spiral rubbers are particularly suitable.

No matter whether it is salt or chlorine water: always rinse and wash your hair after bathing, otherwise residues will remain in the hair. We also recommend you to use a conditioner or a mask. If time and circumstances allow it, just give up on the hair dryer. In the summer, you can simply let your hair air-dry and protect it from the heat of the dryer. After drying, you can also put a hair oil in your hair tips. Thus, you provide your hair with moisture and it will thank you with a brilliant appearance.

Have fun trying and have a great summer!