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How to get verified on TikTok: complete guide to getting the blue tick

how to get verified on tiktok

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Outlines how to get verified on TikTok, strategies and hacks to help you get verification, and explains the different kinds of TikTok blue ticks.

The tick. At school it showed that your class work was done correctly. At Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, on the other hand, they are used to verify your account. But you don’t get this tick next to your name just like that, because you really have to earn it!

At Instagram, this works best through a lot of interaction with your community and interesting pictures. Facebook verified people use various media on their accounts. And what about TikTok? Compared to the other app, the app is still more of a newcomer to the world of social networks. The cultural successor to Vine has only existed since 2016. But in this short time, TikTok has become a favorite pastime, especially with Gen Z.

So what do you have to do to get this coveted symbol for your TikTok account too? The app’s website says: ‚ÄúThere are a number of factors that need to be considered when awarding a verification. This also includes whether the account mentioned is authentic, unique and active and – of course – complies with our guidelines and terms of use.

Of course, this knowledge alone does not give us that much assistance. But this information shows that the ticks are only reserved for the big TikTokers. The bad news first: In contrast to Twitter and Instagram, users cannot initiate the verification process themselves.

How to get verified on TikTok

The good news: There are a few hacks that can help you get your hands on the blue tick. So that you can join this club as soon as possible, we have some strategies and tips for you below, which you can use to help qualify your account for verification in no time.

Increase your number of followers

Yes we know! This point was probably clear to you from the start – the question is more how you get enough followers! A representative of TikTok has previously said that the social media platform generally only verifies public figures, brands and publishers. Many millions of followers are not absolutely necessary for the verification, however. The minimum number of followers required to check on TikTok has never been officially stated. Some celebrities may just get their accounts verified for being celebrities — despite not having a huge number of TikTok followers.

Popular creator accounts typically have anywhere from tens of thousands to several million followers, but it should be noted that while there are many TikTok accounts with hundreds of thousands of subscribers that have not been verified, the requirements are clearly not just about the number of followers you have. Use an experienced PR agency like Sitetrail to gain notability in the media and on Google News.

Know all the TikTok songs

When it comes to viral songs, TikTok has had a pretty big impact on what we love to hear these days. From Ella Fitzgerald remixes to new, unknown hits , everything is included. And for every song there is a suitable dance that you should really know if you want to have more followers. But be careful: The trends at TikTok come and go so fast, so you have to be particularly fast to reach as many as possible with your video.

Drum up your friends

In case you didn’t know: There is a mansion in Los Angeles where some of the most famous TikTokers live together and create content for their accounts together every day. Of course, we don’t mean that you should pack your things and move there — although if you, please invite us over to party and hang out! This just means that collaborations on TikTok work particularly well. Make a dance video with your friends and tag your accounts while doing so!

Convert to a Pro account

The easiest step is to convert the account to a Pro account first. To do this, click on Settings and “Manage Account”.

Post great content and often!

Verified accounts post regularly and show a high level of engagement. Likes, comments, views, hashtags and reposts can all help to get verified by TikTok. But always make sure your content is engaging and entertaining — this is what TikTok (and its user base) are looking for. For TikTok, it can be relevant how long the fans have been won over. If you are trending, you have more chances of verification.

In other words: Similar to the other social media channels, you get more attention through good, authoritative and regular content. Check out which posts are trending and follow the flow. But also try out unique and creative ideas that no one has made before you. Sometimes a good video will bring you several thousand followers! And don’t forget: it’s all about entertaining people. How to be TikTok famous: the 11 key strategies for success

Link to another verified account

Linking a verified Instagram account to TikTok can also help you qualify for verification. We are not sure whether it always works the other way, but it certainly can’t hurt your chances!

Take action if you are being plagiarized.

They say imitiation is the most sincere formm of flattery, but when it comes to posting on TikTok it is not flattery — it is plagiarism. If you are being constantly copied and plagiarized, in an emergency, you can contact TikTok via support. The best way to do this is to click on “Report a problem”. If your content is being copied, that’s one more argument to get TikTok to give you the blue checkmark.

What’s the difference between a popular TikTok creator and a verified account?

There are two types of verified TikTok account status. Both have the same blue check mark next to their user account name, but each has its own label to the right of it.

Popular Creator : This status is the easiest to achieve as it is given to TikTok users who are active, have a large following, actively promote their content, and adhere to social media guidelines.
Verified Account : Verified accounts are much more difficult to obtain and are usually only made available to very popular celebrities and large organizations.
A blue check mark will appear next to username in search results and subscriber lists, and TikTok profiles will show the type of verified account next to a check mark.

Is there still a TikTok crown?

The TikTok crown label has been completely phased out and replaced with the popular account status verification system. It is no longer possible to receive a crown on your TikTok account and all existing crowns have been replaced with a blue check mark and a popular creator label.

In summary

Getting a blue tick on TikTok doesn’t offer many benefits, but it can be helpful in proving that your account really does belong to you, and the blue tick mark offers a lot of leverage that can lead to more search results clicks and more followers over time.

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