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How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

get rid of dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles make us look tired and unwell. With our five tips, you can quickly get rid of the dark circles under your eyes and look fresher.

The look in the mirror after a sleepless night is unmasked and shocked – dark shadows have spread under our eyes and make us look tired and aged for years. Dark circles are annoying and unattractive, but mostly harmless. With a number of natural home remedies, rings under the eyes can be made to disappear.

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Formation of dark circles

Shadows under the eyes usually do not indicate a serious illness and are considered harmless. The cause of dark circles is to be found in the texture of the sensitive area under the eyes. Nowhere else on the body is the skin thinner than at this point.

Dark circles under the eyes appear when the blood vessels emerge more clearly as the skin ages. Science suspects that the tendency towards dark circles has already been put into our cradle.

There are several reasons for hyperpigmentation of the skin under the eyes:

  • lack of sleep
  • FVD
  • iron deficiency
  • allergies
  • environmental toxins
  • drugs
  • alcohol

A high pigment concentration quickly makes the thin skin under the eyes appear darker.

Tips to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

❍ Tip 1: home remedies for dark circles

With a few simple home remedies , the tired and tired expression that dark circles give us can be quickly forgotten. The applications can also be carried out several times a day if necessary, because they are well-tolerated products that cannot harm sensitive skin.

➤ Treat dark circles with cucumbers

Get rid of dark circles with cucumber mask
Cucumber mask

Cucumbers are a true classic when it comes to skin care. Almost everyone has already peeled cucumber peels on their foreheads after peeling the vegetables and enjoyed the refreshing coolness.

A cucumber mask for the eyes consists of cucumber slices. The cucumber should come straight from the refrigerator. This enhances the invigorating and refreshing effect. Cut off two thick slices of cucumber and place them directly on your closed eyes. The mask can be left on the eyes as long as the cucumber slices feel cool and fresh. You should relax with it for at least ten minutes.

The coolness of the cucumber causes the blood vessels to narrow. The skin is also moisturized. The dark circles brighten up clearly and the tissue of this sensitive skin area is better supplied with blood.

➤ Treat dark circles with potatoes

The potatoes contain valuable anti-inflammatory and skin-calming agents. The bleaching properties of the earth apple permanently reduce dark circles and swellings subside.

This home remedy can be used in three ways:Potato mask, Potato water, Potato Quark pack

➤ Treat dark circles with tomatoes and lemons

Anyone who eats healthy food will immediately find something in their kitchen and can make this vitamin-rich eye mask themselves. Dark circles can be lightened and skin aging can also be flipped with this application.

This is how it works:
1. Mix the tomato juice with freshly squeezed lemon juice
2. Gently dab the liquid on the dark circles under the eyes
3. Let the
mask act for about ten minutes 4. Remove the mask with plenty of water

💡 The acidic juice should not get into the eyes.

➤ Green tea against dark circles

Get rid of dark circles with tea bags
Green tea as a mask for the eyes

Green tea contains valuable antioxidants and vegetable tannins. These brighten the shadows of the eyes and at the same time reduce swelling.

Conventional tea bags are used, which you can steep in warm water for a few minutes. Before use, the tea bags are pre-cooled in the refrigerator for about an hour. Then the green tea should act on the eye area for about half an hour.

➤ Milk and coffee against dark circles

The substances contained in milk can cause the blood vessels to narrow and thus reduce swelling under the eyes.

Tip: Ice cold milk gives the best results.

Dip cotton pads in the liquid and put them on the dark circles. The application should last about half an hour. If the cooling effect wears off, the cotton pads have to be replaced or immersed in the cool liquid again.

As is well known, caffeine stimulates the circulation. If the blood flow is increased, the blood vessels contract and the skin tightens. Dark circles are quickly alleviated and the effect lasts for a long time.

Here too you have various options for use :Pure coffeeCoffee EditionCoffee mask

➤ Soda against dark circles

Soda can regulate the surface of the skin and also has a bleaching effect. Make a porridge from baking soda and water and use a cotton pad to apply it to the dark circles.

Tip: Due to the intense effect, the exposure time should not exceed ten minutes.

❍ Tip 2: Sleep to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

The most sustainable way to fight dark circles is to find the reason. The most common cause of dark circles is lack of sleep. Dark shadows under the eyes are also an indication that the liver is doing hard work and is overwhelmed with the detoxification of the body.

Tip: Smokers are more likely to have dark circles because nicotine is a strain on the liver.

If the dark circles are due to lack of sleep and an unhealthy lifestyle, some immediate measures can bring significant improvements:

  • Extend bedtime to seven to nine hours
  • Drink at least two liters a day
  • Drink less alcohol or stop drinking alcohol
  • smoke less or become a non-smoker

3 Tip 3: Cold shock for the eyes

Get rid of dark circles with yellow glasses
Fresh from the fridge

Dark circles are usually accompanied by a swollen area around the eyes. A small cold shock stimulates the blood circulation in the sensitive eye zone. With the home remedies mentioned, we have already indicated that the active ingredients should be pre-cooled in the refrigerator if possible . It is also helpful for puffy eyes to wear goggles.

4 Tip 4: Vitamins and minerals to help get rid of dark circles under your eyes

A varied and conscious diet can help make dark circles disappear or not even appear.

Vitamin K.

Eye shadows combined with a pale complexion indicate that more fruits and vegetables should be brought to the table. In addition to the vitamin C contained in fresh fruits and vegetables, care must also be taken to ensure that there is sufficient vitamin K. Although the vitamin is less known, it can affect blood clotting and thus help to reduce dark circles. There is enough vitamin K in cabbage and leafy greens.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A can make the skin appear firmer, while dark circles are less visible. The following foods contain enough vitamin A:

  • spinach
  • Kale
  • carrots
  • pumpkin
  • mango
  • liver


Not infrequently, shadows under the eyes indicate iron deficiency. This can particularly affect vegetarians and vegans and also occurs increasingly during menstruation. There is enough iron in nuts or whole grains.

Tip: Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron in the blood.


If the diet is rich in zinc, this can naturally lighten the shadow of the eye. Fish, meat, cheese, nuts or whole grain products provide the mineral in sufficient quantities.

❍ Tip 5: Remove toxins

Liver dysfunctions are usually noticed too late because they are painless. An unhealthy diet, alcohol and nicotine promote liver disorders. Stress also has a negative effect. The result is dark circles and a tired and tired appearance.

Cleansing the intestines can be the first step towards detoxifying the body.

The following foods and active ingredients strengthen the liver:

  • artichoke
  • Milk thistle
  • spinach
  • garlic
  • Chicory

If you detoxify your body, you will not only get rid of annoying dark circles. Digestion problems, headaches or back problems also subside.