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How to get rid of bathroom mold


Mold not only looks ugly, but is also harmful to health. We’ll give you tips on how to remove mold in your house that has superficially settled on walls and in tile joints. Here is the guide for how to get rid of bathroom mold.

How to prevent mold
How to detect and remove mold in the home

Get rid of bathroom mold – how it works

Especially in bathrooms or in the bedroom mold quickly forms. Insufficient airing creates superficial mold. In such a case, the ugly black and green spores can be quickly removed.

  • When buying the mildew remover, make sure that there is no sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach) in it. Such mold removers pollute the respiratory tract and can leave unsightly stains on walls.
  • With a mold remover, the superficial contamination of the wallpaper can be removed very well. Spray the moldy area generously and let it act for a short time.
  • Then simply wipe the mold with a rag. For particularly stubborn specimens you can also use a brush.
  • If the mold keeps coming back, you must have the problem treated professionally. Professionals can determine if there is any moisture in the walls.
  • In the bathroom, black mold likes to form silicone joints. Again, you should work with the mold remover. Often one reads that vinegar helps just as well. However, this is a mistake, because the acidic environment favors the mushroom formation even more.
  • If the mold has penetrated so far into the silicone that it does not reform after several applications, you should remove the old silicone and grout with new silicone.
  • If you feel physical discomfort or hear a musty smell in the air without the presence of mold, it is because the fungal attack is not always open. Leaky insulation of the exterior walls and the floor or a misplaced water pipe let molds thrive in secret.
  • So check all the walls and look under furniture or the fragile washing machine to discover hidden mold growth. You can also use the so-called spore measuring device directly. This measures the proportion of spores that can cause fungal growth. The proportion should not exceed 300 in the winter and 3000 in the summer.

How to prevent mold

You can forestall the tedious removal of mold if you act on time: Follow these points to prevent mold growth:
The simplest and at the same time most effective measure is the airing. Just in the bedroom in the morning you should keep the window wide open and properly ventilate.
If you like, you can also leave the window tilted at night. However, this is not for everyone and in winter by the cold is not always possible. In winter, after the blast ventilation, let the heater run at medium speed for a few hours to let the air dry again.
Even in the bathroom, regular airing is mandatory. If you do not have a window in the bathroom, you should always keep the bathroom door open. In addition, prevent the black mold stains in the silicone by rubbing them dry after showering.
If this is not enough to sustainably lower the humidity, you can also use a dehumidifier. With this device, the humidity is easily regulated.

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