How to get perfect curls without heat

perfect curls without heat

We love curls! But is it possible to get beautiful curls or waves without much effort and above all without harmful heat to the hair? Yes, that works and you do not even need expensive tools. I’ll show you today four alternatives, how to get curls or waves without heat in straight hair or give your natural curls more definition and structure. Do something for your hair and try it out right away to get perfect curls without heat!

Perfect curls without heat: Braiding

Step 1: Comb your hair. Draw a crest through your damp hair with the tip of your comb, making sure that even parts are formed.

Step 2: Conventional braiding creates great curls. Separate both sections into three smaller strands. Then cross one of the outer parts over the middle. Also put the other side over the middle and fix the already existing strands with your thumb. Lay the sides alternately over the middle and braid to the end of the hair. Now you secure the braid with a hair tie.

Step 3: Once your hair is completely dry, you only need to open your dry braids and you’ll have great curls! Whether your curls hold tightly in the hair without heat always depends on how well your hair was able to dry. Only when it is absolutely dry, you should solve the curls. Let your hair ideally dry overnight, so you are always on the safe side! Or you wear a braided hairstyle throughout the day and open it in the evening to create a glamorous evening look. Some tricks and tips from me: Tighten the sections together to get tighter curls. For soft, natural waves, you should braid the braid loosely. To get smaller curly curls, you can also braid three or four braids. By contrast, particularly large curls are created by just one braid.

Traditional braiding is too easy for you? Then try a herringbone braid as a variation on loose, natural waves or a French braid for voluminous-looking waves. Experiment around and discover your perfect curls without heat!

Curls without heat through small buns

Step 1: Who can make a bun, can also conjure curls without heat. Your hair can be better shaped in principle, if they are slightly damp. If you have just washed your hair, dab it with a towel until it is wet. If you do not intend to wash your hair, you can instead put some water in a spray bottle and use it to spread the mist throughout your hair. Now you brush your hair and part it in strands.

Step 2: Twist the individual hair strands until they rest as a small bun on your scalp. Fix this bun with one or more hairpins.

Step 3: When the dough has dried, you can loosen it again. The longer you leave the doublets in your hair, the stronger the curls become. However, you should wait at least four hours before you reopen your hair.

Papilloten or aluminum foil for curls without heat

Step 1: Comb your damp hair and part it off.

Step 2: Wind single strands on the papillots. Then fold in the papillote with the wrapped strand and press firmly together.

Step 3: Leave the papillots in place until they dry, then open them.

Papillots are a great way to give Naturlocken more definition and structure. If you do not have Papillots at home, I have a great alternative for you. It can be found in every household. Cut from aluminum foil just about 10 cm long and 0.5 cm wide stripes. The rest works as usual.

Curls without heat with socks

At first you’ll ask yourself: What do socks have to do with curls? Convince yourself of it: you can use socks to get perfect curls without heat.

Step 1: To get smooth, supple curls, you need to untangle your hair completely. It’s best to use a wide-toothed comb. Divide up your hair in games.

Step 2: Take a larger or smaller strand depending on the desired result. The smaller the strand, the more defined the curl. Wrap the strand of hair on a sock. Once the curl has been wound up, knot the two ends of the sock loosely together so that you have a sock curl. Repeat this with all strands.

Step 3: When your hair is completely dry, you can take the socks out and look forward to soft dream waves.

Perfect curls without heat: tips and tricks

Tip 1: This is how you define your curls: 

For this you simply take a little hair oil and work it carefully into the lengths. Your curls will become even more defined without heat.

Tip # 2: How To Keep Your Curls Hot Without Heat: 

If your hair is naturally smooth and you find it hard to make it curl, I have a simple but effective trick for you. 
Put a small amount of gel or mousse into your palms and then knead, your damp hair with your hands. Concentrate on the ends, but work the product in to the neck. 
But please not too much of a good thing! Otherwise, the tip makes your curls look rather stiff. 
If you want to be on the safe side, fix your finished curls with hairspray. After that you have guaranteed something long of your hairstyle!

Tip # 3: The Right Hair tie: 

Use wide ties if you’re braiding your hair without heat. Narrow rubbers leave behind clearer lines in the hair.

Tip 4: At the end: kneading instead of combing!

 Under no circumstances should the finished curls be brushed through without heat, this will separate the curls and make your hair look messy and frizzy. Instead, use your hands as a comb carefully.