How to get consumer research insights for a business

consumer research insights for a business

How do you get consumer research insights for a business? Our guide outlines the questions you should ask your customers to get the best information about what they want.

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Path to get consumer research insights for a business

To come up with ideas that really inspire your customers, take the time to closely monitor them and their behavior. Talk to them: How do they use a product, how do they experience a service? What do they expect, what bothers them, what makes them happy? What tasks they set are poorly solved in other offers?

When you ask potential customers about this, you often gain surprising insights. This can lead to ideas for new, better services, products or sales strategies.

For example, the success of large fashion house chains is based on two strong insights into purchasing behaviour: an ever-changing offer causes many customers to keep coming and see again and again, so as not to miss anything – and it increases the incentive to buy when a garment is only available for short time to buy. 

Or take an annoying phenomenon of everyday life that many people feel: in the laundry, individual socks are lost or you never find the right ones together. A provider’s solution here is to offer the same type of socks – and that in the subscription. The customer’s problem is solved, it saves time and is no longer annoying.

You can also gain such insights when you go on the journey with your customers.

However, you also need to understand who you want to win as a customer. Take the sanitary area. Here, a provider decided not to look at the end customer, i.e. the homeowners. Instead, he consistently focused on the needs of those who have to work with the products: the craftsmen. This is a principle that you can orientate yourself on – not always the end user is your real customer.

Generally, look not for customers who are enthusiastic about your product, but for the product that inspires your customers!

If you already have an idea for an offer, ask yourself and your customers if it excites them – or how it should be for it to happen. And think about who else you can use with your offer.

Ask yourself and your customers the following questions to get consumer research insights for a business

  • What tasks or problems does the customer want to solve?
  • How does the customer experience the solutions that already exist?
  • How does the customer buy and what influences their purchase decision?
  • What would make customers happier than previous solutions?
  • What are the exact characteristics of a product/service that arouse customer enthusiasm or could they?