How to get a dog and cat to like each other

get a dog and cat to like each other

Image via: Pexels

What is the best way to get a dog and cat to like each other? Our guide outlines the strategies and steps for a dog and cat to get along and bond.

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The prejudice that dogs and cats are rivals rather than best friends has long been in people’s minds. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are dogs and cats who live peacefully together or even make an inseparable duo.

A real friendship between the different pets usually only arises when the dog and cat get to know each other as babies and grow up together. When the animal children are not yet dominant, they are much more relaxed with each other than when they are already in adulthood. Puppies and kittens , who are the same age , play and cuddle each other with ease. This is how a foundation stone is laid for a lifelong friendship !

Of course, it is not always possible to buy dog ​​and cat together. In that case, you don’t have to despair. It is quite possible to get dogs and cats used to each other , even though one animal was there earlier than the other. I have some tips for you on how you can make the unequal duo live peacefully together.

3 steps to get a dog and cat to like each other

If you already have an animal roommate at home, you should think about buying another pet. After all, you want your animal favorites to get along well. How easy it is to merge a dog and a cat depends on who was there first. 

If a cat already lives in your household and you want to buy a dog, the cat will perceive the newcomer as a threat to its territory. Dogs are a little more open to new roommates, which makes it easier to bring them together. I want to explain to you how acceptance or even a good relationship can be created between the different animals.

1. Set up a “cat room”

If a dog and a cat are to live together, it is important that both have a retreat where they are undisturbed. Cats in particular are stubborn and need to rest in certain situations. Therefore it makes sense to determine a room that is only accessible to the velvet paw. The litter box, a resting place and the food bowl should be in this room. 

Due to the separate feeding points of the animals, you avoid the occurrence of jealousy and thus reduce the risk of stress between the animal residents. The litter box is also taboo for the four-legged friend. For one, the cat wants privacy not be disturbed and on the other hand the dog may tend to eat the remains.

2. Accustom the animals to the smell of the other

Dogs as well as cats have their very own smell. The animal inhabitants should get used to this smell before they get together. It’s best to let the new animal sleep on a blanket that absorbs the smell before moving in. Then you take the blanket that carries the fragrance home with you so that the existing pet  can get used to the smell of the newcomer. If a cat is to get used to a barking new roommate, it is also advantageous to play a sound recording with the barking sound of the dog.

3. Pay attention to the characters of the animals

Like humans, animals naturally have their own character. Therefore, when choosing the new animal roommate, you should make sure that the dog and cat are similar in character . Ideally, the animals are brought together when they are very young, so that neither of them is suppressed. However, if the dog is already fully grown, it should be brought together with a cat aged at least 4 months

If you have a four-legged friend who is very active and open-minded, the cat should also have a healthy self-confidence. A shy cat would be overwhelmed with the liveliness of the dog. If it is an older dog or cat you already have, so you should get yourself an older and calmer pet as a new addition.

Bringing dog & cat together – your first encounter

If you have followed the 3 tips and made all the preparations, the new animal roommate can finally move in. It is important that you are not too tense before the dog and cat meet, because the animals feel the nervousness and transfer it to themselves. Create a relaxed atmosphere, ensure that the animals concerned are full and happy and choose a neutral room in which there is no litter box, sleeping space or food bowl. If all arrangements for the meeting have been made, the following tips should be observed:

  • The dog should be on a lead
  • There should be 2 people who the animals trust
  • Have treats ready to reinforce your positive behavior
  • In the event of possible attacks, make it clear that this is undesirable behavior
  • The cat should be able to escape 
  • Limits the first meeting to about 10 minutes
  • Praise the dog and cat extensively after the encounter

After the first encounter – have patience & practice

After the first meeting has been successfully accomplished, you should give the two animals extensive praise separately and deal with them. The procedure of the meeting is then repeated regularly until the dog and cat get used to each other. This not only requires a lot of patience but also takes time . You decide when it is time to let the animals meet freely. After all, as the owner you can best estimate your roommates.  A pheromone wellness product  for your cats can help and is intended to replace the cat’s natural wellness pheromone  and thus  relieve stress in  stressful situations .

You can only leave the animals to their own devices if you are really sure that the dog and cat will no longer attack each other if they are left unattended. Until then, you should always keep an eye on the hopefully new animal friends. With a little patience and practice, you will surely make your darling friends or at least respect them.