How to freeze cake correctly

freeze cake correctly

When you have baked cakes for the weeks ahead or there are still sweet leftovers from the coffee meeting, you should freeze cake correctly. We’ll show you what you should consider when freezing the cake so that it stays as fresh and aromatic as possible in the freezer.

These cakes are suitable for freezing

Unfortunately, not all cakes are suitable for freezing. It works best with “dry” cakes without cream and cream, which may contain fruits. Freeze very well:

  • Sponge cake with and without fruits
  • Yeast
  • Cookies
  • Pastry soups made of shortcrust pastry or biscuit
  • Pastries made of brandy without filling

Freeze cake correctly – the most important tips

The right preparation is also half the battle to freeze cake correctly. First, allow the pastry to cool completely. Then carefully wrap in aluminum foil or cling film or pack in freezer bags. Also freezer boxes are suitable for storage in the freezer and are a more environmentally friendly alternative.

It is important, in each case, to freeze a little air. This means filling freezer cans (possibly with baking paper to separate individual layers), press air from freezer bags and then close or wrap the foil and cling film very tightly around the pastry.

Larger cakes are best divided into handy portions and frozen individually. This way, they can be stowed more compactly in the freezer and, depending on the quantity required, a good deal can be thawed.

These cakes are not suitable for freezing

  • Not suitable for freezing are cakes and pies prepared with gelatine or cake. Due to the cold, they lose their gelling power.
  • Meringue and macaroon biscuit becomes chewy by freezing.
  • Buttercream fillings with pudding become watery. Always freeze until friable with no filling.

Thaw cake properly

To thaw again you should take a little time. Cake , biscuits and biscuits at room temperature thaw in about 4-6 hours. It is important to remove foil or pouch so that condensation does not form and the pastry does not penetrate through. Open lid of cans. Extra tip: heat up the yeast pastry for a few seconds in the microwave just before serving, then it will taste like freshly baked.

How long does frozen cake stay edible?

For durability: After you freeze cake correctly, the cake should be consumed before about four months. After that it loses its aroma and is not so tasty anymore.