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How to fix hail damage on your car

Hail damage on car

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A hail damage blemish on the car is particularly annoying, so you should fix it quickly, and especially if you are planning to sell your car you should ix hail damage on your car

Repair hail damage – contact the insurance

Before you start the repair, you should inform your insurance company. This entitles you to compensation. With a fully comprehensive insurance you get the full cost of the repair again, with a partial comprehensive insurance you have to pay a small amount yourself. The insurance cover also includes damage caused by flying objects such as bricks or branches. Without these insurances, however, you will have to take over the damage yourself.

Basically, it is also advisable to photograph any damage.
Note: It is important that the damage is considered by an appraiser, otherwise you may not receive a refund. If you haven’t got any insurance against hail damage, you should finish it later, especially with more valuable cars it makes sense.

Fix hail damage on your car – select the right workshop

Not every garage has the proper material and expertise to repair your car. Therefore, you should be aware of some aspects in advance, before you select a workshop:

You should choose a workshop that has certificates in this area and the appropriate knowledge. It is also important that these garages are not just a specialist in hail damage. Otherwise it may happen that the work will be carried out by an inexperienced person.
Tip: Ask your insurance company for a suitable workshop in the area. Insurers are well-versed in this area, as hail damage is more common, especially in winter. Another good sign for the right workshop is the cooperation with well-known car manufacturers.

Repair hail damage – refrain from self-experiments

Even larger hail damage can usually be completely eliminated, so you should avoid self-experimentation and have it done by experts. You should not work on even the smallest hail damage yourself.
If you still try to repair your car and continue to damage it, the insurance company will refuse to pay you. Then it’s no longer hail damage, but self-inflicted damage.

If your insurance does not cover the damage and you are generally not satisfied with the benefits, you should choose a different insurance.