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How to fix cracked or chipped plaster

Cracked plaster

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No house is completely solid. Especially not when it is on a road and its automotive vibration is exposed. If there is still wind, solid walls in the micrometer range move. This can cause the relatively hard plaster (both inside and outside) to rupture over time. Similar to new buildings, where the entire building can additionally “work” by settlement movements up to several years. Our guide shows how to fix cracked or chipped plaster.

Fix cracked or chipped plaster: What happens if I do not fix it?

In some cases, cracks are initially cosmetic problems, but they can also develop into serious harm. However, even the narrowest cracks are subject to the capillary effect. Water penetrates. It freezes in winter and thus increases – similar to street potholes – the crack. This can then gradually become a real problem because the masonry or facade insulation gets wet. so you need to fix cracked or chipped plaster as soon as possible.

Such cracks can no longer be explained by normal setting movements – in this case, plastering must be carried out over a large area to exclude consequential damage.

How do I proceed?

Narrow cracks under 0.2mm can be quickly sealed with some acrylic and painted over with facade paint. But if the crack is bigger, you need some extra work:

  1. Tap the plaster around the crack with a hammer handle to see if it has come off the ground (sounds dull).
  2. Loose plaster (extremely careful with façade insulation) with hammer and chisel.
  3. Properly repaint the damaged area and also use the right plaster.
  4. Use a wall paint that matches the degree of aging of the façade (professionals can mix it with the help of old paint).

How do I avoid it in the future?

Unfortunately, not at all. On the cracking one has little influence. Here you can only watch and head off any damage immediately.

gerhardt-richter Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.