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How to fix chapped lips: complete guide

How to fix chapped lips (1)

Outlines how to fix chapped lips quickly, ways to prevent lips drying out, and even how to apply lipstick if your lips are chapped and dry.

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How to fix chapped lips: What are the causes?
Chapped lips: 4 care tips that help quickly
What to do if the corners of your mouth are cracked
How to fix chapped lips: Also think about sun protection

In winter especially, dry, chapped lips are not long in coming. The icy wind outside, dry heating air inside – especially in winter, our lips have to suffer a lot. The result of the strain: dry, chapped or even cracked lips. But even in summer, long days of heat or at the beach can cause dry chapped lips.

It’s not just a cosmetic problem, because torn corners of the mouth or inflammation can be the result. We’ll tell you the best tips to conjure up a soft kissable mouth from chapped lips.

How to fix chapped lips: What are the causes?

But why do we get dry and chapped lips at all? The reason is simple: unlike the rest of our skin, the delicate skin of our lips does not contain sebum glands. And they are a natural protection against drying out. They lubricate the skin and keep it supple even on cold days.

Because our lips lack this layer of fat, they dry out faster. Cool temperatures, icy wind or heated air in winter ensure that the skin and thus our lips lose moisture particularly quickly and thus dry out and become brittle.

A second cause of chapped and dry lips can be a vitamin deficiency . The lack of vitamin B2 in particular leads to cracks at the corners of the mouth and rough lips. The daily requirement for vitamin B2 can be covered with dairy products, avocado, broccoli, meat and fish.

Another reason for chapped lips: moistening with the tongue . Although this habit temporarily relieves the feeling of tension, in the long term it worsens the condition of the skin. As soon as the saliva evaporates, additional moisture is removed from the delicate skin of the lips and it is drier than before.

Chapped lips: 4 care tips that help quickly

Dry, chapped and chapped lips not only make us look sickly and feel uncomfortable when kissing – they also hurt a lot. Therefore, here are four care tips and home remedies that make dry lips nice and supple again.

Tip 1: Care sticks make dry & chapped lips supple again

With lip balms you can get a grip on chapped lips again. When buying, pay attention to the ingredients dexpanthenol and marigold. They promote wound healing and make rough lips soft and supple again. Stay away from perfumed and dyed products – at least as long as the skin is irritated and cracked.

Can lip balm sticks be addictive?

No, lip balms are not addictive. This rumor probably originated because the lips become chapped again as soon as you skip the care. But that has nothing to do with addiction. The following applies: Care pens contain important ingredients and should be used regularly as long as the lips are cracked.

Beeswax and honey, aloe vera and jojoba, olive oil and vitamin C – the new lip care products contain numerous active ingredients that are supposed to protect and protect our chapped lips from drying out. 

Tip 2: home remedies for chapped lips

  • Honey is a proven home remedy for dry lips. Simply apply a layer directly to the lips, leave it on overnight and wash off (or lick off) in the morning. By the way, Manuka honey is particularly effective against chapped lips . It nourishes the skin intensively and fights inflammation.
  • Olive oil is also a natural variant of conventional lip balm sticks. The oil is said to have a moisturizing effect and is therefore the ideal care for rough lips. Tip: Before doing this, you can gently remove dead skin with a soft toothbrush. But be careful: don’t scrub too hard!
  • A scrub made from oil and sugar is a delicious way to remove small pieces of skin and make the skin on the lips velvety again.
  • Avocado (contains vitamin B2)
  • A “lip mask” made of honey and quark is said to help with chapped lips (leave on for about 10 minutes and then dab off). However, this has not been scientifically proven.
  • Ensure that your living and work rooms are sufficiently humid.

Tip 3: drink, drink and drink again

Moisture also comes from within! Drinking regularly (preferably water) is one of the most effective methods for combating chapped lips. Those who take in enough moisture can prevent dry lips. Not in the mood for water? Then try an unsweetened tea or buttermilk. Drinking a lot is not only good for your lips, but also for your entire skin and body. After all, experts recommend drinking at least 2.5 liters a day.

Tip 4: apply lipstick correctly on chapped lips

Basically: If the lips are chapped and dry, you should avoid lipstick or lip gloss. However, important appointments or events often force us to bring a little color to our lips. But be careful: If the color is not applied correctly, chapped lips quickly look neglected. We show how you can avoid this.

> Step 1:
Before applying the lipstick, the dead skin must disappear. You can gently and gently remove it with a scrub or a soft toothbrush.

> Step 2:
Apply a lip balm stick as a primer.

> Step 3:
Avoid using matte lipsticks. They only make the lips even drier! Instead, choose a moisturizing lipstick.

> Step 4:
Apply the color with a lip brush. With the fine brush, the color gets deep into the lip wrinkles.

How to fix chapped lips: Also think about sun protection

Pay attention not only to care substances, but also to a sufficient light protection filter. The skin cells in the lip do not form melanin, i.e. no pigment. As a result, the lips lack their own sun protection, which is otherwise found in most skin areas. That’s why you get sunburn here very quickly. You should keep this in mind, especially on a skiing holiday, as the snow reflects the radiation and thus intensifies it. So use at least a sun protection factor of 30 in the lip area.

What to do if the corners of your mouth are torn?

Cracked corners of the mouth, also known as angular rhinitis, are a common side effect of dry lips. First try using care pens or ointments. If the corners of the mouth do not heal after two to three days at the latest, it is advisable to consult a doctor. This can, for example, determine a possible deficiency symptom, as further reasons for torn corners of the mouth can include vitamin, iron and zinc deficiencies. Cracked corners of the mouth should be treated quickly, as otherwise germs and bacteria can multiply in them undisturbed.