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How to fix a weak flushing toilet

weak flushing toilet

If you have a problem with a weak flushing toilet, this can be caused by different faults. Our guide explains which these are and how you can solve the problem.

Did you know that there has been a World Toilet Day since 2001? Yes, you read that right, every year on November 19, the toilet is commemorated worldwide. What sounds a bit amusing, however, has a serious background, because more than 40 percent of the world’s population still does not have properly functioning sanitary facilities.

Even if we are lucky to have at least one toilet of our own, there are occasionally problems with the toilet that drastically restrict the use of the “quiet place”. One of these problems is when the toilet flush is too weak and the store, including the paper, is washed down half-heartedly or not at all. Since this is not exactly hygienic, we will show possible reasons for the malfunction in the following guide and suggest solutions.

Weak flushing toilet: fault diagnosis

weak flushing toilet
The lid of the cistern can be easily removed

A cistern consists of several components such as

  • inlet valve
  • filling valve
  • swimmer
  • drain valve
  • actuating mechanism

and it is not always clear what exactly needs to be done. If the inside of a cistern is new territory for you, you should take a closer look at how professionals repair the cistern before you do your own hand and cause even greater damage.

Weak flushing toilet: water runs slowly

Normally, the toilet cistern fills itself again within a few minutes after use. So it is not a problem if several people use the toilet in a row. However, if it takes an extremely long time for the cistern to fill up with water again, this can be embarrassing, because who wants to leave an unclean toilet or wait forever until the cistern can be used again?

➔ Reason: float is defective

One of the reasons for the slowly running water in the cistern could be the so-called float. Usually the float lowers as soon as the toilet flush is pressed. If the toilet box is empty, the feed mechanism opens and new water is poured in (float rises again).

➔ Solution: replace the float

To test whether the float is really defective, remove the lid of the cistern. Now press the flush button and watch the float. If it no longer works properly, it must be replaced.

➔ Reason: deposits in the cistern

Obsolete and / or calcified parts in the cistern can be another reason for poor toilet flushing. If slimy residues have formed inside the cistern or lime deposits have accumulated, the whole technical system gets mixed up – the cistern can therefore no longer work properly.

➔ Solution: Clean the cistern

If you do not want to replace the toilet box, you cannot avoid effective cleaning. At the same time, you should descale the cistern . Simple home remedies such as citric acid or vinegar are often sufficient . Mechanical parts with incrustations can be cleaned with a wire brush that is not too hard.

Toilet bowl does not get really clean

weak flushing toilet
Deposits under the edge impede water flow

It is not always possible to find the cause of weak toilet flushing directly in the cistern. If the flush does not manage to wash down the “store” with paper, it could also be due to the toilet bowl itself.

➔ Calcium under the edge

Under the toilet rim, urine stone and water stone settle over time, which means that the water is no longer evenly distributed during the flushing process. Now it is time to overcome all disgust and take a look under the rim of the bowl. Unfortunately, stubborn incrustations cannot simply be removed with a rag or the toilet brush. 

➔ Incorrect assembly

Another reason for the poor flush quality could be the flush pipe bend. If this protrudes too far into the toilet bowl, the actual mechanism no longer works properly, which can be the case especially with older toilets.

Another tip:
If you live for rent, you should not start repairing too quickly. Clarify with your landlord whether he will cover the cost of a faulty toilet flush . It must be clarified in individual cases whether it is a minor repair (to be carried out by the tenant) or whether the landlord is responsible.