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How to fix a drilled power line

Drilled power line

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Not every wall has the power lines running as accurately vertical and horizontal, as you would like. Especially in old buildings with unclear history, it was often subsequently retrofitted to the lines and these laid illegally diagonal. It is therefore possible, even if one adheres to the rule “Never drill exactly above, below or sideways-horizontal of switches, plug and junction boxes”, for a pipe to be drilled. Our guide shows how to fix a drilled power line.

Fix a drilled power line: What happens if I do not fix it?

At a minimum, the associated fuse will pop out of the drill causing a short circuit. Thus, the immediate danger is stopped. However, if you turn the fuse back on, it could come in the wall to catch fire – with corresponding consequences.

If the cables are drilled, you can only carefully expose the damaged area and reconnect the damaged cables in a flush-mounted junction box.

How do I proceed?

The most important thing is that there is no voltage. With a two-wire voltage tester, you should first check all sockets in the environment to ensure that the drilled cable is really stress-free. Then:

  1. Using a hammer and chisel, carefully remove the masonry around the drill hole until the pipe is exposed.
  2. Cut the line clean.
  3. Enlarge the hole so that a flush-mounted distribution box can be set.
  4. Place the box with the construction adhesive, insert the cable ends, strip it and connect it with new terminals – switch on the fuse, check everything with the voltage tester.
  5. Close distribution box, plaster and cover it.

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