How to find the loveliest plus size dresses for any occasion

plus size dresses

This guide outlines factors to consider when choosing special plus size dresses and outfits for parties, birthdays and other occasions.

Gone are the days when zero sizes were the trendsetter or it was a challenge to find perfect plus size dresses. Thankfully, the fashion world has evolved and has accepted the human body and its various shapes and curves. In fact, women’s spending on plus size clothing grew over three times faster than the rest of the clothing market in the past year.

Plus size people have always been troubled to find the right dress for themselves. Dresses with petite fittings, get them away! And although loose dresses might feel like the right choice they tend to hide your curves completely. 

As fashion has evolved larger over time, the plus size boutique has made it easier for curvy people to embrace their stunning appearance in the best way with stylish plus size dresses. But as the variation increases, so does the confusion. With so many options available, it sometimes gets harder to choose the right one. 

There is no denying the fact that the addition of all the required sizes has won the hearts of many. But choosing the right plus size dresses can always be a bit tricky. No matter what size you are; every lady wants the perfect dress for their birthday. And if you are sweating due to the options available, finding it hard to choose one; then we are here to save the day for you. 

We have listed some basic tips that you can use to find the perfect plus size dresses for your special occasions like your birthday. Being the star of the day, you must appear as one too. 

Choosing plus size dresses for occasions

Without any further ado, let’s get into the tips!

What is your Budget?

Before stepping out in the world of dresses; determine your budget. We agree that this is a little boring and mundane. But it helps you streamline your options. However, do not compromise on the quality. The best way to do so is to set your budget rationally. You can do a little research online on different brands to get an estimate of the prices. Then, set a budget for your dress. How much are you willing to pay? 


Once you have a budget and you are sure about the type of plus size dresses you want, you need to consider the fitting. The dress you choose must be comfortable for you to wear, regardless of size. Many petite girls do not feel comfortable in a specific dress but they just decide to buy it. They definitely regret it later.

Always try the dress on before buying it. Move around in it and be 100% confident that you like it. The fitting must embrace your curves but shouldn’t feel too tight that walking or moving around becomes hard. Also, plus size dresses are available in different sizes too; you need to be very selective when buying the right one for yourself. 

Don’t Always Buy Online

The urge to buy plus size dresses online, as soon as you set your eyes on it, is real. And fighting it can be extremely hard. But online shopping can lead to a wrong fitting. You can certainly choose a dress online and get it from the retail, after trying it on. Birthday dresses are special and you must invest a little effort into getting the right one for yourself. 

Don’t Buy in a Rush

Never rush into buying plus size dresses. We suggest you do proper market research. Look at different options and try the best ones before choosing one. The main issue with plus size dresses at the moment is that each brand has a different measurement and fitting style. Therefore, a little effort can help you find the perfect one for yourself. 

Buy According to the Theme

If you have a birthday theme, you must buy a dress that speaks to it, on its own. If you have set your theme as glam, you must get a dress that portrays glam in all ways possible. As the birthday girl, you must stick to the theme. Even if you do not have a set theme, it is best to buy a dress that goes well with your event’s decor. As it is your big day, you must stand out. 

The bottom line

Finding the right plus size dresses can be a challenge, especially when the big occasion is your birthday. As you are the star of the day, you want to make sure that you look impeccably perfect.

Moreover, studies have shown time and again, that the dress you wear, portrays your personality. Once you enter a room, the people around you, judge you based on what you are wearing (within 5 seconds). Therefore, making your first impression count is extremely important. 

With just a little effort and thought, you can easily get your hands on the right plus size dresses for any special occasion. Follow the above mentioned tips and we bet you will find it much easier to shop for the right outfit. 

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