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How to: easy ways to make hair ties

easy ways to make hair ties

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Are there easy ways to make hair ties? Sure… our guide will show you how to have fun, save money and create your own individual looks.

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Making hair ties yourself

If you have long hair, you usually spend a lot of money on new hair ties, because they should always fit perfectly with the clothes or to any new hair color. But there are also two ways to make hair gums yourself and save a lot of money. What do you usually do with nylon tights that have a running mesh? You just throw them away. Tights are excellent for making great hair ties. They are very elastic and robust.

Making ties from tights

To turn a broken pair of tights into hair ties, all you have to do is cut the legs at the width you want the ties to be, and then simply let your creativity run wild. There are countless ways to turn a simple tights into something great for your hair. For a great glitter look, you can sew sequins on the fabric or even small wooden beads for the current ethnic look. If you can sew well, then you should decorate the tights hair rubbers with a nice crochet hem.

Sewing hair ties yourself

For a reallly wide or thick hair tie, tights are not enough. Instead, you need some fabric and a rubber band. Cut a strip about 50 cm long and 10 cm wide from the fabric. Now you have to fold the fabric lengthwise and sew the resulting fabric edge together. Now apply this cloth hose so that the unsightly seam disappears inwards. Now you have to pull a rubber band through the fabric hose and knot the two ends. Then you only need to sew the two fabric ends together properly and the tie is ready.

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Now you can let off creative steam to your heart’s content and maybe sew on a few pearls or even dye it. There are no limits to the imagination. You can find great craft elements to beautify your ties.

Hair ties as a gift

Just try these two variants. By the way, such homemade hair ties can also be given away wonderfully. If you don’t know what to do with the kids at your daughter’s next birthday party, just let her make ties. So you don’t have to buy small gifts for the children – after all, they make them themselves.