How to: easy recipe to make mozzarella

easy recipe to make mozzarella

What is the best easy recipe to make mozzarella? Our guide gives you a foolproof and simple method to easily make your own mozzarella at home.

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Why buy mozzarella when you can make it yourself? We show you what you need and how to follow the best easy recipe to make mozzarella.

Tomatoes, olive oil , basil and mozzarella – a fresh, classic Mediterranean summer combination. Unfortunately, the packaged mozzarella balls from the supermarket are not always satisfactory. Making fresh mozzarella yourself is easier than you think. In the following we explain the individual steps and hopefully increase the desire for hearty Italian cuisine with mozzarella from your own production.

Easy recipe to make mozzarella


The following ingredients are required to make mozzarella:

  • 3.8 liters of whole milk
  • 130 milliliters of cold water
  • a pack of citric acid
  • two rennet tablets
  • 60 milliliters of cold water

The curd, curdled milk or yoghurt are extracted from the whey to make cream cheese. Therefore, you can easily make fresh cheese yourself by wrapping curd in a cloth and squeezing it out. But anyone who claims to be able to produce mozzarella in this way is wrong, because in this way you can only gain a spreadable mass.

In order to maintain the elastic consistency of mozzarella, an aid is required – the lab. This makes it possible for the milk to become jelly. In industrial cheese production, preference is given to animal rennet. In the meantime, vegetarian rennet is also available.

The milk used gives the finished cheese its aroma. Italians prefer to use buffalo milk. The high-fat milk makes the cheese particularly aromatic. You can also make tasty mozzarella with good cow’s milk from regional farmers.

Attention: The milk must not be overheated. The described mozzarella production only works with untreated raw milk.

Since exact temperatures are important in cheese production, an exact thermometer, which is suitable for determining the temperature of liquids, must be provided:

Make mozzarella – step by step

easy recipe to make mozzarella
  1. Dissolve citric acid and rennet tablets
  2. Heat milk and add citric acid
  3. Heat the milk further and stir in the rennet
  4. Let milk rest
  5. Cut the curd into pieces
  6. Heat the curd
  7. Skim the curd
  8. Warm the curd again
  9. Shape Mozarella balls

Detailed instructions

  1. Put the citric acid in 130 milliliters of cold water so that it dissolves. Dissolve the rennet tablets separately in 60 milliliters of cold water.
  2. Now heat the milk slowly. When it has reached a maximum temperature of 15 degrees, add the dissolved citric acid.
  3. Then continue to heat the milk. At exactly 32 degrees, take the pot off the stove and stir in the rennet. Stir continuously for 30 seconds. Then hold the mixing spoon briefly in the opposite direction to calm the rotation of the milk.
  4. Cover the saucepan and let the milk rest for ten minutes. The curd will now feel firm and separate from the whey. Press the curd onto the edge of the pot, should the whey already appear as a relatively clear liquid. If this is not the case, the milk may pull a little further with the lid closed.
  5. Now cut the curd crosswise into cubes about two by two centimeters. This works best with a long knife.
  6. Then heat the curd to a temperature of 43 degrees. Stir every now and then.
  7. Skim off the mass and put it in a sieve so that the remaining whey can drain off.
  8. Put the collected whey back into the pot and warm it up to about 80 degrees. Then cut pieces of the curd and dip them into the heated whey with a ladle.
  9. After ten seconds, take out the cheese, pull it apart, fold it up and knead it vigorously. Repeat this process several times. The finished mozzarella has to be easy to stretch and feel smooth. If the cheese has the correct consistency, form balls out of the pieces of cheese. So that the mozzarella cools down quickly, you can immerse it in ice water.

Tip: To increase the shelf life of the finished mozzarella balls, they are placed in a saline solution. The saline solution should be changed every three days. The homemade mozzarella is kept in the fridge for about ten days.

What should be considered when making mozzarella?

In order for the described easy recipe to make mozzarella to succeed, all work steps must be followed exactly. The quantity information must be strictly observed. The ingredients must not deviate from the template. The use of raw milk is particularly important. This is best obtained from the local farmers. The Tetra Packs from the supermarket are heat treated and are not suitable for cheese making.

Tip: Cheese cannot be made from homogenized milk because the fats it contains are diminished during the homogenization process.

A well-functioning digital thermometer is very important. The temperatures given in the individual steps can only be maintained with a suitable thermometer.