How to dye your hair easily: tips and tricks

Dye hair

Caramel, mousse au chocolat, cocoa and tiramisu: The new hair colors read like the contents of a box of chocolates and whet your appetite for more! Dyeing your hair is an art and is only too happy to go wrong, but our guide will show you how to dye your hair easily. The hair orange, the bathroom dirty and the mood on the floor – So ends many women’s experiment hair colorize. How to protect yourself from this dilemma and what to look out for is explained here.

Coloration, tint or intensive tint – what’s the difference?

In a coloration, the color pigments in the hair, so a lasting color result is achieved. Disadvantage – Colorations stress the hair structure the most.

With intensive tints and tints it is only possible to color in consistent or darker tones and are therefore suitable, if you do not want to make big color jumps. The difference from the intensive tint to a coloration lies in the proportion of the oxidation value.

Tints are gentler on the hair and are particularly good at refreshing colors and giving them new shine. However, the color result fades with increasing washes. Perfect to try a color.

Choose the right hair color

When choosing the hair color you should stick to the manufacturer’s instructions on the package. For an optimal result, if you color your hair only one or two shades. For large color changes and especially when bleaching, however, a professional should definitely be consulted.

Gray cover for the home?

For this you should use a coloration with 100% gray coverage. Golden or reddish nuances prevent the hair from appearing greenish after coloring.


With the right preparation you prevent the biggest evil. Women with longer hair should not save on color and prefer to buy two staining packs. Because this stinginess takes revenge later in the dyeing result.

Cover your clothes with an old towel or a hairdressing cape. For safety, you prefer to wear old clothes, because the stains are very difficult to get out again. But the be all and end is to read the leaflet to avoid possible allergic reactions and to determine the exact exposure time.

To protect the skin, it is advisable to cream the face on the hairline, ears and neck with a greasy care cream. Now you have to put your protective gloves on and you’re ready to go.

The coloring or tint

For couples much easier. Ask a friend or your daughter if she can help you. If you are alone, it is recommended to buy hairpins, dyeing brush and a small plastic bowl. (No metal, as this reacts with the color) Never wash the hair first. Some manufacturers recommend that you easily dust your hair with water. Here you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer. 

Depending on whether you want to use the color for the very first time, only the approach or color from light to dark, the procedure is different. If you only want to dye your neck, distribute the color first by the strand at the base and only in the rest of the hair as indicated in the leaflet. 

Color darker than your original hair color, Begin by applying the color to the top coat and work your way back to the neck. Apply the paint over a large area with the brush in the lengths or massage in with the palms. Now remove the color remains of the forehead, ears and neck with the help of special cleaning pads from the drugstore or simply with eye make-up remover.

IMPORTANT: It is NOT possible to dye already dyed hair brighter with color !!!

The care afterwards

After the exposure time, rinse the hair thoroughly until the water is clear. For optimal care and a beautiful shimmer you should always use the enclosed package. These seal the cuticle of the hair, neutralize color residue and prevent a gradual color change. Then blow dry et voila. Have fun with your new hair color.

Take care

In case of an uneven result, it is either because there was too little color on the hair or the exposure time was not met. Especially when dyeing or the gray hair coverage must be meticulously observed.