How to dry hair fast when you’re in a hurry

Fast blowdry

The morning shower is almost a must. But what to do, if it you have to go fast or are running late? One of the most common time killers in the morning is blow drying. Even on the weekend or after work, if we make a trip to the pool or to the lake, we have to get our hair dry again, which again eats time. Here are beauty hacks, how you can save time and dry hair fast.

Conditioner helps!

If you use conditioner or hair oil after washing your hair, then your hair will dry faster. This care makes the hair smoother and the water is better rejected. Since the water does not penetrate so deeply into the hair, the drops can be caught later by the heat of the hair dryer faster.

Shake out water or express

Even shaking the hair off the water after the shower, much like a wet dog, or gently expressing helps with drying. The more water you get out of the hair before blow-drying, the faster it works. Be careful, however, to be very gentle and not wring the hair out, like a rag.

Microfiber can do it

If the first two tips do not help you, then I have another beauty hack for you: Microfibre towels for the hair, as they are more effective and much gentler on the hair structure than traditional cotton towels. Microfiber towels absorb up to twice as much water and thus shorten the time of blow-drying.

Air drying, but in a timely manner

Although this does not always work with air drying, but the longer you allow your hair to dry in the air, the faster you can blow dry afterwards. It’s best to use the time you need to make-up or have breakfast. Simply wrap a towel around your head and enjoy a leisurely breakfast (preferably a microfiber cloth recommended above). The subsequent blow-drying then goes quickly and on top of that, the dried-up hair can be better styled.

Special equipment: Ion hair dryer

In addition to the home remedies, there are also more technical tips, such as an ion dryer. Not only does it have an antistatic effect, but it also gives the hair shine, but it also lets the hair dry faster. The ions (negatively charged particles) split the water in the hair into smaller parts, causing the water to evaporate faster during blow-drying. If you have to go very fast in the morning, such a hair dryer is definitely worth an investment.

I hope that the hair drying tips will help you and you can use their time gained for the beautiful things you enjoy.