How to do proper DIY beard care at home: 8 rules

beard care

This guide outlines the steps for you to do your own beard care at home.

Growing a beard is not an easy task. If you want to look smart, you need to care for your beard regularly. Beard care does not need to be a tough job. With a few simple tricks, you can groom your beard at home. 

Many people think that if you want a great-looking beard, you have to pay frequent visits to a salon. This is not true. Beard care and grooming does not need to be expensive, nor is it a tiring task. With little effort and consistency, you can have a great-looking beard all the time. 

8 beard care steps and tips

 Here are some effective beard care tips you can follow to groom your beard at home. 

Trim Your Beard Regularly

Trimming is essential for healthy hair growth. Just like you trim your head hair for a cleaner look, trim your beard as well. It can protect your beard hair from split ends and becoming wild. 

You can easily learn how to trim your beard hair by watching DIY videos on the internet. You might need trimming tools. Learn which beard care tool is used for what purpose and how to use it. 

Invest In Good Quality Products

You should invest in beard products. Do extensive market research before buying the products. You should find the ones that match your hair type and cater to your specific needs. For example, if you have a dandruff issue, find anti-dandruff beard care products for your beard.  You should have: 

  • Cleanser
  • Beard balm
  • Beard oil
  • Scrub
  • Beard comb

These products can help you keep your beard hair healthy and shiny. 

Wash Your Beard Often

Beard hair can get dirty. Food particles can get trapped in beard hair and dead skin cells might also accumulate. This can cause itchiness and also make your beard look dirty.

Therefore, make sure that you wash your beard regularly as part of your beard care routine.  However, avoid toweling too hard as it can make your hair coarse, cause split ends, and promote hair breakage. 

Supplement Your Diet

Your diet has a lot to do with the healthy growth of your hair. Just like you care for your body, make sure that your diet supplements beard hair growth. You should have a diet rich in vitamin B5, B3, and B9 along with proteins and fats for proper beard care.

You should include eggs, milk, nuts, meat, and leafy green vegetables. If your diet is not enough to give you the required nutrition, consider taking multivitamin supplements. 

Choose A Beard Shape According To Your Face

If you want to make your beard suit your personality, choose a style that matches your face shape. If your beard matches your face shape, it will look more classy. 

You can use online charts to see what kind of shape would look good on you, then trim accordingly. When you are growing your beard for the first time, let the hair grow for at least 4 to 6 weeks before trimming. However, this period can differ depending on your hair growth pattern. 

Never Skip Oiling

Oiling is essential for healthy hair growth. Just like your head hair, you should oil your beard as well. Oiling is essential in beard care to keep your hair from getting rough, falling too much, or developing split ends. 

Choose oils that are light and absorb quickly without clogging your pores. The best way of finding the right oil for your beard is to try as many as possible. Try different kinds of oils before choosing the best one. 

Comb Your Beard Hair

Combing is essential for healthy hair growth. Invest in a good beard comb and make sure that you give your beard hair a good comb. You should have a separate comb for your beard care to avoid contamination. 

When you comb your hair, it increases the blood supply thus promoting hair growth. It can also remove broken hair, which can prevent itchiness. You should comb your beard after oiling so that oil is easily absorbed in the roots. This can make your beard hair more healthy. Combing your beard hair may also make it look fuller. 

Be Consistent 

Consistency in beard care is the key to keeping your beard in good shape. If you want to maintain a healthy and smart beard, be consistent with your routine. Take out time to trim your beard when it needs some pruning. You should also oil your beard regularly. 

Make sure that you comb your beard hair to keep it tidy. With consistency and patience, your beard will look fabulous. 

Final words

Beard can add a great feature to your personality.  However, if you want your beard to be a great addition to your personality, you need to keep it well-groomed. You can do that with simple beard care steps at home. Keeping a range of products, and being consistent in your beard care regime can keep things smooth for you.