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How to do paint marker craft projects for children: 5 great ideas

Paint marker craft projects

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Our guide outlines the benefit of paint marker craft projects for children and gives you 5 easy and fun projects to try out, boosting their skills and their imagination in the process!

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Craft projects with children have many benefits – the little ones enjoy it, as well as it promotes creativity, fine motor skills and ability to concentrate. In this way, children playfully prepare for later learning at school, according to education research.

Through craft projects, children learn to develop and implement creative ideas. Imagination is trained. They spend a long time dealing with one thing that promotes stamina and concentration.

By handling the various objects, the coordination ability of the little fingers is trained. The motor skills, which are important for writing learning, among other things, are refined. It’s also fun and the little ones are finally proud of the results, and confidence in their own abilities increases.

Crafting with children of different ages

The skills are different in the different age groups of kindergarten age. A three-year-old child still needs support for individual steps, while a five-year-old child is able to do much finer work and can do a lot of things himself.

What is set up as a project with should always be matched to the abilities of the children, so as not to overwhelm them. They would then quickly lose the fun of the thing. Undemanding projects, on the other hand, would lead to boredom.

As an adult, you should always discuss with the child about what might come out of the different materials: give suggestions, but let the child live out their imagination and share their ideas. Then you can implement them together, whereby the child should of course do everything they can on their own. Support them only where help is needed.

Skills vary not only with age, but also within age groups. But this is not bad, because through the playful learning during craft projects, they are further developed and refined.

Why paint marker craft projects are perfect for children

One of the beauties of using acrylic and oil-based paint markers with kids is that they are easy-to-use tools that introduce them to the world of painting in a simple, clean, and exciting way, which makes paint marker craft projects ideal for the young mind and hands.

Another wonderful benefit of paint markers is that it makes painting on anything incredibly easy. Wood, rock, or plastic surfaces are great mediums where kids can cut loose with their markers. Creating art on different surfaces will also fuel their creative energy into overdrive. At the same time, these art projects allow their young minds to develop artistically with the same mediums and tools that professional artists use around the world.

5 great paint marker craft projects for children to try

Below are 5 paint marker craft projects you can do with your kids to introduce them to the wonderful world of paint markers and put their young, artistic minds to work. 

1. Ceramic dishes and mugs

Drawing on ceramic plates with acrylic paint pens is a wonderfully simple and fun project to do with children of any age. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to create a special keepsake as a gift or personal item of their own that they can use and enjoy for many years to come, and look back on the special time they had while making it. Dishes, mugs, and cups are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased almost anywhere.

To start, cover your work area with newspaper. Let the children paint freehand over the items or encourage them to sketch a preliminary design or picture with a pencil that they can then paint over. After the painting is finished, let it dry for 24 hours. Then place the ceramic items in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes. Remove the items, wash, and enjoy!

2. Rock doodles

Painting on rocks with oil or acrylic paint markers is another simple and fun art project to do with toddlers as young as two years old. Painting round, smooth, river stones with flat surfaces are probably the best choice of rock as they are small, don’t have sharp corners, and can be found along nearly any neighborhood sidewalk. You can even buy them online at or other art supply stores.

Preparation for painting rocks is similar to ceramics. Since rocks are more abrasive, take extra precaution to make sure the work area beneath the newspaper is also protected, if necessary. Either let the children go wild with their imagination or once again let them trace a design with a pencil.

Stringing words or phrases together by painting single letters or words on the stones is one fun idea. You might also consider painting a single element of a much larger picture on individual stones, then let the kids put them together as if they were solving a puzzle. Be sure to let the paint dry for 24 hours.

3. Create a ‘Mix and Match’ game

Paint marker craft projects

This project takes rock doodles to the next level! There are countless stones on the riverbank and they have sparked the idea to make something beautiful out of this natural material. The result is a fun mix & match game, where the kids can put together individual pieces – huge puzzle fun!

Suddenly the bear’s head can get a hare’s body or the crocodile’s tail. Afterwards, everything can be put together in the right place again.

For the Mix & Match figures, flat stones in different sizes and shapes are particularly suitable. At home you sort your finds and put the flat stones together into different animal characters. Before you paint the stones, they should be cleared of dirt and sand.

Acrylic and oil-based paint markers are particularly suitable for stone painting as they cover the surface very well. First paint the stones with a base color. Allow to dry well now before continuing to work to create the the faces and other features. For a few extra features such as ears, cut them out of matching felt and glue to the stone with a little liquid glue.

4. Paint on canvas

Paint pens are great to use on canvas. They are the perfect tools for kids because they are easy to use and easy to clean up afterward. Allowing kids to paint on canvas may also help them feel more “grown up” as they create on the same surface that “real” artists use. You can buy small canvas squares for them to paint on, or perhaps buy a large canvas and let the kids collaborate on a shared design in which they can all participate.

No matter which project you decide to start with, there’s no question about how excited your kids will be when they get to open their new set of paint markers and start exploring with them. Creating art together also means creating fun memories, stronger relationships, and exercising an artistic side of the mind they won’t experience any other way.

5. Handy travelling projects

Just take a few acrylic or oil-based paint pens with you on your next holiday. The pens are easy to transport, and can be used for many entertaining projects while you are in transit or after you arrive. Again, using stones, driftwood or other items found during the holiday, you can have the children each decorate one with something that reminds them of the holiday destination and becomes a ‘souvenir’ of the trip. When you return home, these can be assembled into a ‘story board’ picture about their holiday, and hung on the wall as a great reminder.

Where to find the best paint markers

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