How to do local marketing online and offline – and why you need both

Local marketing online

This guide outlines concisely how to do local marketing online or offline effectively to boost your business success.

Backbone of the economy

Local businesses are the lifeblood and engine of the U.S. economy. There are currently 31.7 million registered small businesses in the country, responsible for 65% of new job creation since 2000, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Encouraging small businesses and buying local, benefits everyone and contributes to the U.S. economy.

According to a survey conducted by Intuit Mintlife, 70% of consumers shop locally. Fifty-seven percent do so to keep money in the community, 38% support their neighbors, and 28% receive better service. The numbers don’t lie, it’s the best time to bet on your company’s potential and establish the necessary strategies to increase its reach.

Local market online or offline: overview

Implementing advertising and marketing plans are more than an opportunity — it is an obligation. There is no point in improving products or services if no one knows about them or consumes them. Using local marketing is an efficient and effective option to increase your income. If you don’t have the budget for this task, research the best small business loans and find the right one according to your payment capabilities and needs.

What is local marketing?

Local marketing is all strategies focused on promoting and advertising a project within your community, typically 50 miles around your business location or offices, if you are a specialized service business such as plumbing or carpentry and even for online stores. There are two formats for implementing this type of marketing: online or offline.

Online: Refers to the actions you will carry out in media such as social networks, web pages, search engines, to name a few.

Offline: These are marketing actions that are carried out off the internet, sometimes at the location or site in question, use of banners, flyers, participation in local events, and other physical activations.

To understand the importance of implementing local marketing online and offline together, it is enough to mention that 93.2% of consumers travel around 20 minutes or less to make their daily purchases, according to information from the discount and rewards platform access.

Why do you apply local marketing online and offline together? What are the benefits?

Although this resource is trendy among small and medium-sized companies, large corporations like Nike or Airbnb also resort to local marketing. If you still have some doubts, here is a list of benefits you will get by using local marketing online and offline strategies:

– Increased market penetration

– Generate brand loyalty

– Increased number of clients and potential customers

– Increase word-of-mouth promotion

– Improve your company’s reputation

– Enable the generation of alliances or networking alliances with other local businesses.

Local marketing online and offline ideas

Don’t wait any longer! Start a local marketing online and offline strategy and become a legend in your community. Here are some ideas to promote your business locally, online, or in person:

Local marketing online tactics

● Localize your website: 

To appear in business searches by region, include your location within the content of your website, for example, “we are a seafood restaurant located in Burbank, this type of language should also use this type of language in social media and advertisements. Another necessary task is adding a location page to your website and adding your business name, address, and phone number. This will help you get better search engine rankings.

● Register on Google My Business: 

For Google to consider you, Google must know you. Create an account on this platform and make sure you enter the correct data. There are other directories where you should claim your place, such as Foursquare. These practices will increase your visibility.

● Implement local SEO: 

Optimize your website according to relevant searches in your location. Use Google Trends to find the most popular keywords in your industry or sector and add them to your content.

● Optimize your social networks: 

Use the location tools of all social media profiles and set your location when making publications; your neighbors will know where your business is located and you will achieve greater reach.

Local marketing offline tactics

● Engage with your community: 

Participating and sponsoring events, contests, or festivities in your community will allow you to participate in the social dynamics. Likewise, you can get involved in charitable activities that will increase your impact and improve your reputation.

● Create a loyalty program: 

Rewards programs make customers feel valued, offering discounts, promotions or even free items will allow you to encourage constant purchases in your business. Whether through printed cards or using digital applications, this strategy will bring results in the short term.

● Use marketing in public places: 

Public spaces in your community are excellent display channels. Whether it’s through banners in parks, a space on a public board, or leaving flyers at other businesses, they will increase your presence in your local area.

Funding your local marketing campaign

Starting a local marketing campaign can be an expense for which you did not get the budget or lacked capital. Getting financing from online lenders is an excellent option for small businesses that do not have all the requirements requested by a traditional bank. Small business loans are financial tools that allow you to use the capital in the allocations you see fit without being accountable to the financial institution.

Before applying for a loan, make a balance of income and expenses to establish what you can afford to pay each month. The worst debt you can acquire is the one you can’t pay. Make a rough budget to implement local marketing best practices and stick to your planning regarding spending. Financing is a tool for business growth that, if used wisely, will bring many benefits to your company.


Observe, research and budget to establish the right strategies for your community. The results are not the same in California as in Florida, local marketing has to be customized to get the best results. Research, compare and get the best small business loans to boost your business visibility. Don’t wait any longer and conquer your community.