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How to do laundry to protect against coronavirus

do laundry to protect against coronavirus

How do you do laundry to protect against coronavirus? You might be surprised that it doesn’t mean washing everything the minute you take it off.

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For fear of bacteria and coronaviruses, many are washing their clothes more often than usual. Read here why you should do the opposite

How to properly do laundry to protect against coronavirus

You can maintain your laundry routine even in corona times! Don’t fall into the ‘panic trap’ with laundry.

Is your washing machine running at full speed all the time? For fear of being infected with the corona virus and also for the simple reason that many people are currently spending more time at home than usual and therefore automatically have more time for the household, it makes sense to switch the washing machine on continuously. But is that really necessary?

No need to wash everything every time you come home

You don’t have to turn on the washing machine every time you come home and worry that your clothes may be contaminated with viruses. Linen expert Patric Richardson explains: “It makes sense to store dirty laundry in a laundry basket or in a separate room, if possible, so that no contagious droplets can get into the air.” Laundry baskets without a lid can be covered with a towel for protection.

If you also know that a sick person was in your presence, you can also wash your clothes by hand. This is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than running a half-empty washing machine.

Airing instead of washing

Whether in public places or in public transport: where there are many people, there is always the risk that viruses and bacteria get on your clothing. Even if it is not yet clear how long corona viruses actually survive on textiles, Richardson has a simple tip: jackets, pants or even work clothing that is often worn can be hung and ventilated for 24 hours in a separate place. As a result, odors disappear, the risk of infection is minimized and you have saved a washing cycle again.