How to DIY frame a bathroom mirror: guide to framing for impact

Frame a mirror

A mirror is more than something to check your appearance. Knowing how to frame a bathroom mirror can upgrade your home’s decor brilliantly.

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Mirrors are an integral part when it comes to decorating a home. Mirrors are not just mere decorative pieces but can wholly transform the look of your home — and on top of that, they have the ability to make a space look much bigger. So it is a perfect decorative element for small rooms. 

Therefore, if the only piece of mirror in your home is above the bathroom sink then you are missing out something big and your home surely does not feel decorated. You can always buy the ready-made framed mirrors, but have you ever considered building a mirror frame by yourself?  

We have gathered some easy DIY tips and techniques that will help you create a perfect decorative mirror frame that will surely enhance the beauty of your home.   

Ideas to frame a bathroom mirror for decorative impact

frame a bathroom mirror

The market offers a vast selection of mirror options with different variations to choose from. But if you’re into customization, Gatsby Glass is one of the companies offering customizable mirrors. Below, we have curated a list of readily available and visually appealing materials.

  • Unprocessed simple wooden frame

Rustic weathered wood is perfect to give your home the cottage feel. These woods are completely unprocessed with a rustic texture that helps in adding beauty to the mirror.        

  • Painted wood with antique designs

You can also paint the wood in your favorite color, any color you think would go with the theme of the room, you can go with black, or white that would look minimalist. If you want to do something extra, you can tape the section of the wood to create a pattern and give your mirror frame an aesthetically pleasing boost. 

  • Gold or Silver Painted Metal Frame

The use of gold or silver metal is totally in these days. You can make a frame with one of these metals considering the metal matches with other things in your home. 

  • Amazing Designs on Frameless Mirror    

Frameless mirrors are something that can always go with everything; they are the ultimate symbol of modern interior decoration and have the knack to make any space bigger.

  • Beveled Accent Mirror

Beveled accent mirrors are a kind of frameless mirror that has its edges perfectly trimmed and polished that creates a perfect and neat look. 

Key guidelines for creating a frame

Creating a mirror frame sounds fun and games but it does require a little care and attentiveness to details. You can start creating any type of mirror frame by following these guidelines:

  • Always make a rough draft on paper before beginning any DIY project.
  • Take measurements.
  • Collect all the supplies such as all the hardware stuff, paint (optional) and the material you want to work with.
  • If you want to paint the frame, select the color and pattern you want to do.
  • Paint the frame on cloth and do it on both sides of the frame. 
  • Make sure you have the correct measurement; you can always double check it to make sure you have every measurement right.
  • Carefully cut the material.
  • Use a strong adhesive to attach the frame and mirror. Also, make sure to use an adhesive that closes to the color of the frame so it doesn’t leave visible stains.

DIY steps to frame a mirror

  • Start by creating a rough design draft on a paper before beginning any practical work. 
  • Do the measurements of your mirror, the frame will be glued to the outside edges of the mirror that is why measurements are the most integral and crucial part of this process.
  • Collect all the supplies you want such as the tools you require and the material of the frame you are going to make. You can get the frame material from any thrift store at a minimum prize.
  • Repeat the Measurements again! Carefully measure the material and mirror again and then cut the frame according to that. 
  • If you are using the wooden material and you want to stain it; place the wood on a cloth and use a rag or brush to satin it. If you want a more rustic look use a rag, it will give the wood a more textured look.     
  • The final part, apply some strong adhesive to both frame and mirror and press the edges. Make sure the frame and mirror are correctly aligned. Let it dry for a while and then hang it wherever you want.     

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People consider doing DIY projects because they are less costly and more likable, and when you can create stuff all by yourself why buy all those expensive things. However, when doing a DIY project for a mirror, always consider choosing the best and top quality mirror because a mirror is an essential part of your home, and a low quality mirror with wavy reflection will not only look bad but also shrink the beauty of your DIY mirror frame.  We at Fab Glass and Mirror, are here to cater your needsand can provide top quality glass while keeping your requirements in mind. Also, our experts are ready to give their expert advice for your DIY mirror projects at home.



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