How to disable iPhone models and disconnect from Apple ID: step by step

How to disable iPhone models (1)

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This guide outlines how to disable iPhone models and disconnect from Apple ID and your PC, with an easy step by step guide.

After careful consideration, you have decided to resell your Apple iPhone in order to switch to a later model: after setting up the latter, you can erase all personal information from the older cell phone but you are not entirely sure how to disable iPhone models or disconnect them from your Apple ID?

How to disable iPhone models and disconnect Apple ID

We will explain to you below how to disable an iPhone, disconnect it from your Apple ID and, if necessary, from your PC as well. Throughout this guide, we’ll also cover how to reset phone storage, factory reset, and what to do in case you accidentally disabled your iPhone by entering the wrong unlock code too many times. Also read how to erase an iPhone: guide for new and older models

How to disable iPhone models in iCloud

No complex procedures or special accessories are required via the iCloud website. The only basic requirement is to remember the Apple ID password related to the iPhone in question.

Either way, to disable iPhone handpieces that have been lost, stolen, or are unavailable for some other reason so that you can no longer physically access them, you must first completely erase its storage and then unlink it from your Apple ID. You will find everything explained in detail below.

How to disable iPhone models if they are stolen

The iCloud website allows you to lock or restart the iPhone over the Internet without having physical access to it; For the operation to be successful, the phone must be switched on and connected to the internet (otherwise it will be locked or restarted once these conditions are met).

First, connect to the iCloud homepage and sign in using the email and password of the Apple ID previously paired with the phone; Then click on the Devices item located in the top center of the screen that opens and then select the teléfono you want to disable.

Then you can temporarily and permanently disable the iPhone: click the Lost Mode button. For example, you have the option of specifying a phone number to contact in case the iPhone is found, as well as a direct message to whoever retrieves it. After clicking the Final button, the phone will be locked with the existing code (this cannot be skipped even by turning off or resetting the phone.)

With the button Initialize IPhone, the procedure is started to completely erase the device memory. Once this process is complete, the terminal cannot be configured and reused until the previously configured Apple ID password has been entered to prevent “unauthorized” reuse of the phone.

Note : Once the initialization process has started, it cannot be canceled. After the device memory has been deleted, it can no longer be found remotely .

To reset iPhone storage, all you have to do is click on the button Initialize iPhone and then confirm to continue by pressing the button Initialize, attached to the warning window that pops up to you.

As an additional security measure, we also recommend that you file a complaint with the relevant authorities, request the blocking of the SIM card contained in the iPhone and the phone’s IMEI code (which in this way can no longer be used with other national SIM cards).

How to disable iPhone to Apple ID connection

Have you used iCloud to restore a phone that wasn’t stolen but that you intended to sell or give away? In this case, you will need to remove the iPhone from your Apple ID so that the prospective buyer can reactivate it without entering their personal password.

To continue, log back into the iCloud site and click on your first name (indicated in the upper right corner) and choose the item from Configurations of the proposed menu; At this point, identify the My Devices section, click on the iPhone icon that you want to remove, and then click the (X) button located in accordance with its icon or in the Remove the device article is located immediately below the IMEI -Code. To finish, click the Remove Item located in the warning window that appears on the screen.

How to disable iPhone in iTunes

If necessary, you can also disable iPhone models in iTunes, the Apple software for managing devices iOS. To do this, you must first de-associate the device with the PC to avoid creating new backups. and synchronization when connecting. If necessary, it is later possible to restore the contents of the iPhone memory with just a few clicks.

How to disable iPhone from the PC

To deactivate the automatic synchronization of the iPhone on the PC, first connect the phone through the appropriate device with the latter USB cable / lightning supplied; then start iTunes Click the telephone icon located in the top left corner and click the Summary tab located in the sidebar.

Once that’s done, put the tick next to the item iCloud attached to the box Do back up automáticamente and remove it from the items Synced automatically when the iPhone is connected , sync with the iPhone via WiFi it only syncs songs and selected videos . When you’re done, press the button. apply so that the changes are final.

Then delete all previously created device backups. To do this, click on the iTunes edit menu , select the Settings … item and press the Devices tab . At this point , select the backups in the control panel one after the other from Device Backup and click the Delete Backup y Remove buttons to permanently remove them.

If you do not want Apple devices to be automatically synchronized with iTunes when connected to a cable, check the box next to the item Avoid automatic synchronization with iPod iPhone es iPad ;; When you are finished, press the OK button to apply the changes.

How to reset an iPhone

The steps to reset iPhone through computer are very simple. Before you can proceed, however, you’ll need to turn off Find My iPhone, directly from iOS, to remove the anti-theft lock that has been activated on the device.

To get started, grab your iPhone from and tap the Configurations icon (the one shaped like a gear ), touch your first and last name , then in the voice iCloud , then tap the option related to Find My iPhone, finally go up OFF Enter the lever of the same name that is proposed to you Password of your Apple ID and press the button deactivate.

Then start iTunes and connect the iPhone via the PC USB / Lightning cable (if not yet done), click teléfono Click the top left of the tab Summary located in the iTunes sidebar and press Restore IPhone.

Once this is done, it will show whether or not to run a configuration backup, press the appropriate buttons to wipe all data from the phone: Reset / Reset and Refresh, Next and then Accept to start the recovery process (after the automatic download of the latest iOS version from the Internet, which may take a few minutes).

Once the restore process is complete, iOS will ask if you want to set the iPhone as the new phone or if you want to restore data from a previous backup. If you want to sell the “iPhone for”, turn off the device and allow the new one Owner to configure it more appropriately. Otherwise, provide your choice and follow the on-screen instructions to continue. If you need help with that, you can check out my guide on how to set up iPhone, which I’ve explained in detail.

iPhone deactivated: what to do?

Is the iPhone disabled because you entered wrong unlock code several times and you fear that you have corrupted your phone storage forever? No problem, you can deal with this annoying situation in at least two different ways: The first is to proceed with a restore iPhone via iTunes as indicated in the immediately preceding section of this tutorial. The second option is to use the iCloud web interface, explained earlier in this guide. If the above methods don’t work, you can try to unlock the phone using Recovery Mode to DFU Mode which will avoid iOS bootloader.