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How to design a business logo for free: step-by-step guide

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Explains step by step how to design a business logo using a free online logo maker platform, and the benefits it offers for small businesses.

The importance of a strong logo

Logos are an essential component of any business, it assists with recognition, brand awareness, diversity, and more importantly authenticity.

A company logo is a graphic symbol that represents the company and serves as a unique identifier. It is an essential part of the company’s corporate design and the bearer of the corporate identity – therefore the company logo should have a high recognition value.

A good logo is remembered, it is imprinted and can be clearly recognized at a glance and assigned to the company. So it’s no wonder that large companies sometimes spend millions on logo design in order to create a distinctive, positive and unmistakable brand. After all, the company logo is usually the first thing potential customers notice of the company, and there is no second chance for a good first impression.

A logo is part of the corporate design

Successful companies need a corporate design for clear brand communication. In addition to the company logo, this also includes other elements such as font, font size, graphic elements and signets. A corporate design should shape the appearance and perception of the company in public and make it unmistakable – and is therefore found in all areas of a company – both in external communication (advertising, business letters, packaging, internet presence) and in internal relationships ( Work clothes, design of workplaces and social rooms).

Modern start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners have a handful of free and reliable resources at their disposal to promote and support their upcoming business ventures.

While some business owners and young entrepreneurs can boast endless business knowledge, the same isn’t always said when it comes to design. The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) have developed a business logo maker, aimed at supporting young business owners to help create a diverse and authentic business logo for free! Using this tool can help keep start-up costs to a minimum, relieve stress from working with a third-party designer, and ultimately make it possible for them to have access to a reliable library of business information and tools.

Why use TRUiC small business logo maker?

The easiest way to explain why one should consider making use of the TRUiC small business logo maker reflects in its ability to deliver high-quality and original designs. Although similar platforms and logo design tools are available online, this tool is free and trustworthy, eliminating the stress of working with expensive third-party designers.

Once you have completed your design, satisfied with the results, you can easily download your new business logo onto your computer or tablet and use it immediately. TRUiC is looking to solve business-related issues for those who are starting their career in the world of commerce, making it easier for young entrepreneurs to gain more stability and fast-track their business to success.

How does the TRUiC small business logo maker work?

To simplify matters, TRUiC has a step-by-step guide that takes users through each phase of the design process, and once you are satisfied you can simply download and use your logo immediately.

Step 1

Open the TRUiC small business logo maker online, and enter your business name and tagline. Adding a tagline or slogan isn’t compulsory.

Step 2

Consider what you want your logo to look like in terms of font, industry, or plain graphic. You can decide between these three design options. A graphic will be a plain and straightforward visual representation of your business name and its inner workings. A text-based design will display your business name in a stylized manner.

Step 3

After you have completed your name and design, you can generate as many logos for free as you want, all downloadable.

Step 4

During this step, you will be able to customize your logo with different colors, fonts, and additional design features. If you’re unsatisfied, you can reset your logo to its original design.

Step 5

Download your logo in SVG format and save it on any device. Easily enough, TRUiC requires no sign-ups, fees, or subscriptions to download your new unique logo.

Step 6

Once you have a new logo, you need to ensure it’s unique and hasn’t already been used by another business. Experts suggest doing a reverse Google Image search to see if there are businesses that have similar logo designs already trademarked or in use. Additionally, you can also conduct a trademark search online or contact a trademark lawyer to assist with the process.

Step 7

In the final step, you can launch your new logo with your business. We suggest using Zazzle, a digital platform to easily create authentic and beautifully designed business cards. All downloaded logos are now in your possession and once you have decided on a favorite, you can make use of it on your website, banners, shopfront windows, flyers, and anywhere else.

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