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How to delete a Google review: complete guide to remove a review

How to delete a google review

How to delete a Google review is a question that is asked by many businesses. We will guide you through the process, and explain why you should sometimes respond to the review.

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Reviews are an essential part of any Google My Business listing and there is no option to opt out of receiving reviews. However, with Google, any user with a Google account can leave a review, regardless of whether they were actually your customer or not. Therefore, there are cases where you want to delete a rating. We show you how to delete a Google review and what chances you have.

Why are Google reviews important?

Google ratings improve local search ranking. One of the biggest benefits of online reviews for your business is increasing the local search ranking. It is important to know how to improve local search engine optimization. If customers can’t even find your business while searching actively, how can they potentially shop with you? 

Google ratings help with rankings and revenue. Online reviews in your Google Maps listing help your business stand out from the crowd. More importantly, your company highlights the fact that you offer a great service or product and that customers love you. 

Google reviews influence purchasing decisions. Online Google reviews can be exactly what a consumer needs to get them from thinking about buying. When consumers read Google reviews, they often look for confirmation that they are making the right decision. 

How do I get Google reviews?

A Google assessment gives companies the opportunity for potential customers to learn valuable information about the company. Google reviews appear in Google’s search results in addition to the map. Reviews can be requested from the company via a URL link. Now it’s time for companies to encourage their customers to write comments. Interact with customers to make sure you care about your customers. To respond to Google reviews, you need to verify.

Why delete a Google review: the top reasons

Online reviews influence how your business is perceived by potential customers and play an important role in decision-making. Of course, as a company, you hope that the reviews are always fair and authentic.

Google reviews can be submitted for just about anything, including restaurants, hotels and attractions, of course. And they can also be written by any user with a Google account. It is not necessary to have been a customer of the company. So it’s difficult to verify the authenticity of a review.

For online stores, Google introduced averified customer reviewsin 2017 so that only real customers can leave reviews for the store. Google is constantly working on new features to facilitate bookings on its websiteand believe that direct booking features for hotels and restaurants make it possible to get verified customer reviews. It will be clear whether Google will take steps in this direction.

Here are the three most common reasons why companies want to delete a Google review:

  1. The reviewer has never visited their company and intentionally gives false information to damage your company’s reputation. Such a review can be written by a former employee or an unfair competitor. This is considered a fake review (a fake review).
  2. A frustrated guest leaves a negative review that contains racist or offensive remarks or accusations against individuals (mentioned by name). Such reviews violate Google’s policies. Google’s policies on prohibited content can be found here.
  3. An author misjudged the operation. Often it is clear from the content of the review that the guest meant a different operation, so the rating is not relevant for other users.

What to do in the event of anonymous criticism?  

  • Apologize for the dissatisfaction / inconvenience
  • Point out to the customer that if the Google rating is anonymous, there is nothing you can do for him / her. Anonymous comments can also be fake or fraudulent, for example if the competition wants to harm you. 
  • Let the customer (and other readers) know that you cannot find any information or data about the transaction.
  • Try to be solution-oriented. 
  • If there is no response, you should move to delete the Google rating immediately. Click on your Google reviews and mark the anonymous post as inappropriate. A search engine will then check this comment and remove it from the Google ratings, as outlined below.    

How to delete a Google review from your Google My Business listing?

There is no “Delete” button to make a review disappear. Since the authors of negative reviews do not always use their real name and it is often not possible to match them with your guest data, you cannot contact them directly and ask to take the review off the page.

Reviews can be removed by Google if they are called inaccurate or if they do not comply with Google’s review guidelines, and this is most straightforward step for how to remove a Google review that is fraudulent, mistaken or unfair.

To report a review, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the reviews of the affected company in Google Maps or in your Google My Business account.
  2. Find the review you would like to have deleted.
  3. Click three points next to the review in the top right corner and report the review as inappropriate.

It may take several days for an assessment to be reviewed. If the review is found to violate Google’s policies, it will be removed from the platform. By the way, you can report inappropriate photos and videos, as well as questions or answers, in Google My Business in the same way.

Why you should respond to a review that you would like to delete?

Regardless of whether the review has been deleted, we recommend that you respond to the review. Your answer will appeal to potential guests who read your online reviews. In this way, you can strengthen and protect your online reputation by showing the facts and describing your view.

Immediate Action: Comment on Google My Business

If you discover a bad rating for your company on Google, you should answer it publicly immediately. You need a Google My Business account for this . 

First, after you log in, Google will carry out an identity check to ensure that you are actually operating the company in question. This is usually done by sending a postcard.

Once the registration is complete, you can maintain your company profile in the My Business account. You are now able to change the contact details, add pictures or answer reviews publicly.

The public response to a bad rating is the first and at the same time the most important step. Show potential customers that the opinion of others is important to you and respond objectively to the criticism. Be solution-oriented, apologize for actual mistakes, but don’t lapse into excessive justification. Try to keep the comment short and to the point.

In any case, remain polite and take your opportunity to tell the author of the review, but also other readers, your side of the story. A professionally written management response can encourage the frustrated guest to delete or update your company’s rating.

Sometimes you can see that this is the first and only review written by this user. This is suspicious and can be highlighted in your response. In any case, we recommend staying calm and friendly and asking the author to contact you directly to clarify the situation.

If someone has mistakenly evaluated your business, you can point it out in your response and invite them to visit your company. In our experience, authors often delete their reviews themselves after reading the management’s response and noticing the error.

There are cases where guests accidentally give a lower rating for a company – that is, a typo. This is particularly obvious when the content of the evaluation is actually positive. Again, we recommend responding to the review and asking for an adjustment of the rating if the guest was satisfied with his experience.

Compare the criticism with authentic ratings

If the negative review cannot be removed and you have written a reply comment, it is also worth soliciting additional customer opinions to ensure a balanced opinion.

For one, there is an opportunity to ask good customers to rate you on Google . On the other hand, it is advisable to also collect reviews with an independent third-party provider such as Trusted Shops, which offer a closed evaluation system with which you can collect opinions from authentic customers who have actually ordered from you.

These reviews also appear on Google, on the one hand in the form of the rating profile in the search results, on the other hand on Google Shopping and Google Ads. This creates a greater diversity of opinion and a realistic picture of your company.

Collect reviews on all other platforms as well

In the vastness of the Internet there are not only Google ratings, but a number of providers who present reviews to customers. This includes third-party providers such as Trusted Shops or Trustpilot, shopping platforms such as Amazon Marketplace or, and price comparison sites such as Idealo.

In addition, on open review platforms like Trustpilot you have no control over whether your company will be listed. Bad reviews may come in on such platforms without you noticing.

In order to present a realistic picture of your company on the Internet, it is therefore important to ensure a good digital reputation on all channels. The best way to do this is to actively collect reviews. The Trusted Shops Reputation Manager is one of the tools that can make this easier for you . The tool enables you to collect cross-platform reviews with just a few clicks, e.g. for Google and Trustpilot.

How can I speed up the process to delete a Google review?

1) It is possible to contact the Google team. You can do this by signing in to Google My Business and selecting Support from the menu on the left. In the pop-up window, click “Contact” on “Do you need more help?”. Describe your problem and choose one of the contact options.
2) Google also provides this form to report one or more reviews.
3) Additional ways to get support: Send a direct message via Twitter to the Google My Business team and ask the Google My Business community.

If Google has refused to remove the review you reported and you still want to have it deleted, there is another way – to sue the reviewer. However, this is a very complicated and expensive process, because you have to prove why the valuation is wrong and/or business-damaging. If a company manages to obtain a court ruling against the author of the review, Google will most likely remove the review. *

  • This is not to be understood as legal advice or legal advice. The laws vary from country to country. For the best possible advice, contact a lawyer specializing in reputational damage.


In this article, we discussed the main reasons why companies want to delete a Google review. Although you cannot automatically delete reviews yourself, it is possible to use the steps above report them as inappropriate and/or contact the Google team.

We do not recommend bringing a lawsuit against the reviewer as it is a complicated and expensive process. however you should respond to the review and if the author’s identity is known you can contact that person directly and request him/her to remove the review.