How to cut an avocado correctly: dice, slice, peel or make a rose

How to cut an avocado

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Step-by-step instructions for how to cut an avocado correctly, dice it, create peeled wedges, and make a decorative avocado rose for special presentation.

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The avocado (Persea americana) is believed to have originated in Mexico, and is a member of the Lauraceae family of flowering plants. The avocado ‘fruit’ is actually a very large berry with a single (similarly large) seed.

The most famous avocado recipe is probably guacamole. All you have to do is scrape the soft flesh out of the skin with a spoon and you don’t need to make any special effort.

But there are also recipes for which you need avocado in wedges or pieces. Anyone who has ever tried to peel an avocado like a pear has probably experienced a disaster. The pulp is very soft and cannot be held onto easily – either you crush it or it slips out of your fingers. Most of the time it ends up on the floor and half the kitchen is covered with light green slime. It doesn’t have to be, because there is an easy and foolproof method .

Consume the avocado as soon as possible after cutting it, and / or drizzle with lemon juice so that the flesh stays nice and green and does not oxidize.

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Step by step: how to cut an avocado

The tropical fruit is easy to cut. If you follow our instructions, you can process the avocado directly and then consume it. And this is the best way to proceed:

1. Cut in half

How to cut an avocado

Cut the avocado lengthways with a knife once. You will hit the large seed or stone with the knife, which is why you simply turn the avocado lengthways and continue cutting. The result shows an incision all around up to the center of the core.

2. Separate halves

Now slowly pull the two halves apart with a slight twisting movement. If you’ve cut really deep, you will most likely get it right the first time. If this is not the case, you need to apply a little more pressure or cut again with the knife.

This works only if the avocado is ripe. Conversely, if it’s not easy to cut through, the fruit is not yet ripe. Then you unfortunately have to come up with something else to eat, because unripe avocados don’t taste like anything and have an unpleasant consistency.

3. Remove the seed then slice, dice or wedge

How to cut an avocado

 You can do this easily with your hand, a spoon or with the help of a knife. Some people do this by putting the tip of the knife into the seed and then twisting so it comes out. Be very careful doing this, as the surface of the seed will be quite slippery with pulp, and the knife can slide off into and through the avocado and then into your hand. It is safer to (also carefully) ‘hit’ it with the blade of the knife in a controlled movement. The knife should wedge a little into the seed and you can then twist the seed out.

4. Slice, dice or cut into wedges

For dicing into cubes, cut the avocado several times across and lengthways to make small cubes. Then press the peel inwards-out (to turn it inside out) and the individual avocado cubes will soon come off.

You can cut the halves into wedges. Most of the time you will need eighths, which means that you first cut the halves through again and then the quarters again. The best way to do this is to put it on a board with the skin facing down and cut through the flesh, or cup in your hand and do the same. Be careful… you do not need a sharp knife, as a table knife will go through the flesh easily. Then scoop the set of wedges out with a spoon.

For slices, do the same as with wedges, but make parallel cuts to get evenly thick slices from each half. Then scoop the set of slices out with a spoon.

How to cut an avocado: removing pulp from an avocado whole

There are several ways to remove the pulp from the avocado. We show you a few popular variants:

  • With a glass: place the glass in front of you and hold the avocado lengthways to the edge of the glass. Hold the glass tightly and pull the avocado into the glass as close as possible to the skin. The pulp loosens easily and there is hardly any loss.
  • With a spoon: You can also get the pulp out of the avocado with a large spoon. Place the spoon on one of the long sides of the avocado and then run it along the pulp. It soon dissolves and can be processed further.

How to peel avocado wedges or slices

If you have an avocado cut into wedges, you can now simply peel off the skin. You hold a wedge in such a way that the rounder or wider end stands straight on the cutting board. Carefully move the tip of a small knife between the skin and the pulp. The blade lies flat – almost on the cutting board.

The trick now is to continue to pull the knife flat while tilting the avocado wedge so that the knife blade always remains level. You are so close to the cutting board that you can use it as a guide and don’t accidentally cut into the pulp.

With this technique you will get nice clean slices or wedges. And if you guide the knife really flat, almost no residue will stick to the shell. Sometimes you cut into the shell in the heat of the moment, but this is not a problem, because the few pieces of shell can easily be removed later.

At the beginning it is a little easier to start at the “flat” end of the avocado column. This will help you get used to the flat knife guide. But then you have to be careful that you get the curve in time at the “round” end and not cut into the shell – which is not really bad, but quite annoying. As with so many kitchen techniques, it sounds more complicated than it is. With a little practice, it’s easy to do by hand and in one go.

Incidentally, the method can be used in many ways. It also works with mangoes, kiwis, or any other type of fruit or vegetable with a thin, leathery skin and soft flesh.

How to make an avocado rose

Did you know that you can prepare an avocado in the shape of a rose? You can make an avocado rose as follows:

1. Cut the avocado around the core. Twist off the two halves. Remove the core with a spoon and peel the avocado.

2. Cut the avocado into very thin slices.

3. Then fan out the avocado slices with your fingers.

4. Fold the avocado fan from the left side and make a rose.

make an avocado rose