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How to create folders in Gmail on computer, Android or iPhone

how to create folders in gmail

Outlines step-by-step how to create folders in Gmail, the basics of arranging folders, deleting a folder, and how to move your emails to a folder.

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Gmail is the email service from Google and one of the most popular webmail providers. All over the world, millions of users trust Gmail with their emails , files and pictures. So that you get some order in your inbox, we will explain how to create new folders in Gmail and delete a new folder. We will also explain how you can move your emails from the inbox to the new folder.

If you want to create a folder in Gmail it is first useful to know that the folders are called Labels.

How to create folders in Gmail

The procedure for create a folder in Gmail from the computer is quick and easy. All you need to do is log into your Google email service account and click the button to create a new Label. To be able to create a new folder in your Gmail account, you must have already registered on  Gmail. You can also do the  Gmail login as usual.

  1. As a first step, please log into your Gmail account. To do this, log into your mailbox or call up the following URL in your Internet browser:
  2. Once in your mailbox, you will find your Google-created folders on the left, such as the inbox or the spam folder. Below you will find the text More labels. Please click on it!
  3. You will now also see the text Create new label in blue on the left . Please click on this too.
  4. A new window for creating a label opens. There, please give your folder a new name. You can change or delete the name at any time. When you create your first new folder, you can not use the Arrange Label Under functions  yet. This function is then available to you from the second folder onwards and contains a sub-section for your new folder. If your first folder is called Orders, for example, you could then create sub-folders such as a folder for regular customers or a folder for PayPal or whatever you need.
  5. If you have chosen a new name for your folder, please click on Create. Your new folder is then located in the navigation on the left in your inbox.

Alternative ways to create folders in Gmail

In addition to the procedure we just showed you, you should know that there are other solutions to create a new label in Gmail. You can also create a folder by right-clicking on a single email message and choosing Options Label –> Create New from the menu that opens.

Alternatively, you can click the icon gear In the upper right corner of the item settings Press in the opening menu and on the new screen that appears, click the item labels. Then find the Labels section and click the Create New Tag button to create a new folder.

How to create folders in Gmail on smartphones and tablets

Gmail is also available as an application for Android and iPhone / iPad devices and can also be used to manage third-party email accounts (e.g. Outlook, YahooFree, etc.). From smartphones and tablets, you can create new folders and save your messages optimally. However, on Android devices, you will need to proceed through a browser to add new tags.

How to create folders in Gmail on Android

As mentioned in the previous lines, to create a Gmail folder on Android you will need to use the browser installed on your device.

Select the option to continue with the Gmail page , use the web version top left, touch the button and then click the item ☰ . Click the bottom of the page on the desktop version of Gmail website.

In the new screen, select the option to Edit Labels , visible in the left sidebar. Next , enter the name of the tag you want to create in the Create a new tag box and touch the crear button to add the new folder. On the same screen, you can also edit the name of a tag ( change name ) and delete ( delete ) those of your interest.

However, you can use the Gmail app to flag a message. All you have to do is select the message of your interest, press the Tres Puntos icon, in the top right corner, select the Move to (to move a message from one day to another) or Edit labels and option put the check mark next to the label you want to apply to the selected message.

How to create folders in Gmail on the iPhone

Unlike Android, it is possible to create a Gmail folder on iPhone (and iPad) through the official Google email service application. However, creating sub-labels is not allowed.

To add a new folder, launch the Gmail application and, if you haven’t already, press the button to log in to access your inbox. Now tap the ☰ button in the top left corner and select the Create New option . On the new screen, type the name of the tag in the Write the name box and press the Finished button in the top right to create the folder.

To add a new message to the newly created tag, open the message of your interest and click the three-dot icon, in the top right corner, select Move to or Change label, then click the check mark next to the in the menu suggested Folder you are interested in.

To edit or permanently delete a label, press the ☰ key and select the Settings option and press on the new screen that appears, press Email Address and then select the item from Label Settings and click the label to change its name ( name ) or cancel ( delete (tag name))

How to customize folder colors

Regardless of how you created a label in Gmail, it is helpful to know that you can always customize the color of any individual folder. To do this, select the label of your interest in the left sidebar and press the corresponding three-dot icon and select the Label color option from the menu that appears.

Then select one of the available colors, otherwise select the option Add custom colors added allows you to both change background color that text color of the selected day.

If you want to change the name or the nesting of a folder, you can select the folder that interests you in the left sidebar and click on the corresponding three-dot icon of the folder and select the edit option . On the other hand, if you want to remove the tag, press the Clear Tag item and click the Remove button .

How to edit or delete your new folder on GMail

  1. Please click on the blue text Manage label in the left navigation bar  .
  2. You come to the Labels page   and find the folder you have created at the bottom of the list.
  3. In the line of the folder you want to edit, please select either delete or edit the text.
  4. If you choose to delete, your folder will disappear from your list. Please consider that e-mails that are in this folder may also be deleted.
  5. If you have decided to edit, you can now give the folder a new name or move it.

How to move your email to a folder on Gmail

  1. Again, there is more than one way. The easiest way is to drag and drop the emails from the inbox into the folder.
  2. To do this, go to your Gmail inbox. Move the mouse over the email you want to move to a folder. Hold down the left mouse button on the email and move your mouse to the folder in which you want to save your email.
  3. When you are on the correct folder, release the left mouse button.
  4. Your email should now be in this folder.

How to move multiple emails on GMail

  1. Click on all of the emails that you want to move. To do this, click the box in front of the email.
  2. Repeat this step until you have marked all e-mails that you want to move.
  3. You will now find an icon with a folder in the top bar. If you move your mouse over it, a list of your folders will open. Select your folder and all emails will be moved.