How to create a luxury bathroom decor

Bathroom decor ideas

This guide outlines bathroom decor ideas to create a luxury look and feel easily, with 9 approaches that will transform your bathroom into a luscious, luxe space..

Though there is a lot of information out there about how to decorate and jazz up many parts of your home, like the bedroom, kitchen and so on, it seems as though little attention has been given to bathroom decor ideas. In actual fact, a person’s home is incomplete without a nicely furnished bathroom!

This article will be providing you with a few easy tips on how to improve the overall look of your bathroom, so read on to find out the bathroom decor ideas to create a luxurious space. When you’re done, head over to Victoria Plum to check out their wide array of bathroom furniture. 

9 Luxury bathroom decor ideas

There’s so much information and design inspiration online these days, with aesthetically beautiful bathroom layouts and furnishings. So, where do you start? Well, we have 9 steps that you can follow to simplify your bathroom makeover journey.

1. Start with an elegant color scheme

Also, feel free to use different colors to your liking. Though it’s commonly said that white should be used to make the bathroom feel bigger, dark colours don’t necessarily hinder that either! Remember to pick colors you actually like. After all, it’s your bathroom! Also read: Knowhow: simple guide to Color Theory and the Color Theory Wheel

2. Improve the flooring

Did you know that you can easily change your flooring at an inexpensive cost even for luxe bathroom decor ideas? It’s a common misconception that imitation flooring looks fake and does not last long. Nowadays, there exist different forms of imitations such as laminate floorings and vinyl tiles that are not only affordable, easy to use, but also very long-lasting.

Another option would be to add in fabrics like floor rugs, which can increase the overall comfort while also enhancing the look of the bathroom altogether. Just remember to wash them regularly!

3. Amp up your walls

There are many different ways to do up your walls as one of the most effective bathroom decor ideas. While most people go with paint, you can also choose to use wallpaper or even tiles. There are so many different ways to decorate your walls, so pick something within your budget and go with it!

The most affordable option would definitely be paint, but you don’t have to stick to a single boring colour. You can choose to opt for gradients and different accents, and even more!

If you’re afraid of moisture on your walls, tiling is definitely a good choice! In fact, there are many patterned tiles that can completely enhance the look of your bathroom entirely.

You can also choose to use wallpaper as well! It isn’t as popular as a choice due to the misconceptions that it will look cheap. However, there exists many options now that can look and feel very real!

4. Bold sink and faucet design

One of the most important features for bathroom decor ideas is actually your sink. To be fair, this should come as no surprise as you will have to use it every time you visit the bathroom. But did you know that the design of your sink can actually make a huge difference?

There are many aspects to take into account when choosing the location, design and size of your sink, so remember to take special considerations before making your decisions in picking out a new sink!

Though the design of the sink is important, it’s also good to consider the functionality of the sink you choose. The depth of your sink can significantly impair the usability of the sink for the young ones in your family, so do remember to take this into consideration as well!

5. Upgrade your storage

When it comes to storage spaces in the bathroom, things may get a little tricky! There are so many different aspects of storage in bathroom decor ideas to choose from — from cabinets to drawers, the list goes on! Hence, it’s important to consider what you need, and how it makes the most out of the space in your bathroom.

It is important to assess the people or animals living in your home, and tailor your storage space based on that! If your household has many children, do ensure that certain display items should be kept away in storage spaces that are more out of reach.

6. Elevate your windows

If your bathroom has a window, it’s important to also pay special attention to its care and overall look as one of the most effective bathroom decor ideas. For example, if you’d prefer more privacy you should more likely consider adding shutters, drapes, window film, or even curtains! With these extensive options, consider your preferences as well as the budget that you set out when making your decision.

If you’d like to decorate your windows, there is always the option of using decals that are easy to stick on. Not only can they enhance the overall look of your bathroom, but they are also relatively inexpensive and very practical. If you have a window in your shower, for example, using decals instead of curtains is definitely a better option.

7. Add seating

For households with many young ones, we know that a huge challenge involves the bath times. Many parents end up spending hours in the bathroom, either trying to coax their children into or out of the shower. 

As parents, making yourselves comfortable in the bathroom can sound like a difficult task especially when their kids are involved. Hence, think of adding bathroom seating as one of the bathroom decor ideas to enhance your overall experience. Who knows, you may also start to enjoy bath time for your children!

8. Mirrors maximize space

When it comes down to it, we all know the importance of the mirror in bathroom decor ideas. Not only does it help to enhance and expand the space, but it also is extremely useful from a functional standpoint. How many times do you go into the bathroom for a quick appearance check? Too many I suppose!

Your choice of bathroom mirrors also makes a huge difference! Having a wide and full-length mirror can definitely be a glamorous choice. But do ensure that you keep your mirror clean and free of stains! Nobody likes to look into a dirty mirror.

9. Curate your accessories

Now that we’ve come to the final aspects of tweaking your bathroom space, let’s talk about accessories as bathroom decor ideas!

It’s widely known that even small items like a plant, or a cool painting can make a world of a difference. So, take this opportunity, and feel free to showcase any items that can tell a good story!

However, do keep in mind that it’s easy to start adding different items onto the counter, which can make the bathroom look cluttered and messy. Try not to add too many clunky items!


If you wish for your bathroom to look expensive and luxurious, the best colour you could go with is beige. It’s neutral, making it very versatile and easy to work with! 

However, don’t be afraid of mixing it up with bright and vibrant colours too. Another colour that looks glamorous and chic would be blue, which also pairs extremely well with shades of white.