How to combine strong color with your wardrobe

combine strong color with your wardrobe

Image via: Pexels

When the woods dress in warm shades of orange, yellow and brown, it’s time for us to clear the summer clothes out of the closet and fill them with the right fall colors. What color should not be missing is orange. This is how to combine strong color with your wardrobe.

This color, also known as the trend color “Pumpkin”, at the recent New York Fashion Week conquered the hearts of the audience. But how does one actually combine orange without the color appearing too shrill? In 4 outfit examples, we show you how “Pumpkin” comes into its own and how you can combine strong color with your wardrobe.

Outfit 1: Casual and trendy combination of orange and glencheck pattern

Our fashion blogger wears a casual oversize jacket in orange with an elegant plaid skirt. As an eye-catcher she combines the brown leather case with golden details. We were inspired by the outfit and modified it with articles from our online shop for everyday life.

The pumpkin in fine knit jersey quality with stretched V-neck fits perfectly with the stylish Glencheck pattern pants in Jogpant style. With the belt loop and the binding tape, the pants are not only comfortable, but also super trendy. Under the sweaters I like to wear a shirt blouse, which comes through the cut of the pullover with its details like the drawstring with tie tape to its best advantage. As an accessory a fine chain with a pearl and the romantic-elegant look is complete to combine strong color with your wardrobe.

Outfit 2: sporty-casual everyday look with the color combination orange-black

Orange is the second black. Black and orange are two colors that can be harmoniously combined. This shows us the sporty and casual look combined with a bright orange turtleneck in ribbed look and the classic black Jogpant. We give the casual look by combining with sporty leather sneakers and an elegant handbag in imitation leather a certain kick for the finished street style.

Outfit 3: Feminine and playful with an orange eye-catcher

Beige flared trousers and an oversize blazer in bright orange. So you pull on the street guaranteed all eyes on you. We reinterpreted the look.

Add to the playful blouse with flounce sleeves and the classic black trousers with pinstripes with the pumpkin-colored cardigan with diagonally cut shawl collar an accent: The strong color makes the outfit more eye-catching and interesting. Simply combine a delicate accessory like our string necklace and the outfit is complete.

Outfit 4: Casual chic with a gray coat and a bright blouse

For all-rounders such as the coat in the classic Glencheck check you can combine the trendy color orange excellent. Since the blouse may turn out somewhat plain in plain white.

We find our checkered coat, and the white shirt with crochet lace fit perfectly with the pumpkin-colored cardigan. So you combine comfortable, casual with chic and get the perfect outfit for everyday life. The shiny silver backpack in imitation leather is a real eye-catcher and fits perfectly with the look.

Who suits the color orange?

Orange is a very strong color, which is especially suitable for the fall type. But it does not always have to be a rich orange, there are also brighter, gentler nuances, which we also used in the combined outfits from our online shop. For dark as well as blond hair, the trend color fits perfectly and allows you to combine strong color with your wardrobe.

If you are a lighter skin type, you can unknowingly resort to a bright orange tone. Too pale orange tones can make you look pale, which is why you should rather do without it. If, on the other hand, you are a darker skin type, brighter, gentler orange tones will be a great match for you. You may also like to use strong orange shades, which have a particularly self-confident effect.

Combine strong color with your wardrobe: how it works

Of course, there are many more color combinations in which the trend color “Pumpkin” sets a warm accent. If you want to combine orange, you should consider the following:

  • If the outfit is rather simple and restrained, you can refresh the look with a rich, strong orange tone.
  • On the other hand, if the outfit is very eye-catching due to patterns and ornaments, for example, a softer orange tone will fit.
  • Irrespective of its nuances, the color orange can be combined well with colors such as beige, champagne or creamy brown shades, but also with stronger contrasting shades such as white, black, gray or dark blue.