How to clean a hairbrush correctly


We use it several times a day: the hairbrush! For this reason, you should also clean them regularly, as hair and dander quickly contaminate the brush. In a hairbrush cleaning tutorial we show you how to clean a hairbrush correctly make it look like new again without much effort!

  • Remove the hair from her brush. This is best done with a sharp object, as well as hair that is caught in the bristles, are easy to remove.
  • Prepare warm water in a tub and mix in some shampoo.
  • Now place the brush with the bristle side down in the water and let it soak a little.
  • Then move the brush back and forth in the water so that the dandruff and the hair residue dissolve.
  • Make sure that wooden brushes are only allowed to lie in a water bath for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Lastly, put the brush on a towel to dry.

Clean a hairbrush correctly: How often?

There is no general statement here . It may be absolutely sufficient to clean the brush every 1-2 months. However, if hair spray, gel or other products are used frequently, a more frequent cleaning is worthwhile to clean a hairbrush correctly.

In case of doubt, one should trust his own judgment here . What does the brush look like? Do you still feel comfortable with her? If so – okay. If not, you should clean it. Small handles can be installed in any case in the daily application, so that the basic cleaning can be delayed.

How to clean the hairbrush?

There are many different ways to clean the brush. It is important that the material is observed to clean a hairbrush correctly. Synthetic brushes made of plastic sometimes synonymous detergent, on the other hand, you should better clean natural materials such as wood or boar bristles with a mild shampoo or some shower gel or liquid soap. Also shaving cream can be a variant!

Stay away from solid soap bars – here, the bristles could suffer – or from hair conditioners or rinses. Often product remains in the brush and worsens the appearance of the hair.

By the way, you can clean a comb with the same products. If it is made of plastic, but even glass cleaner is suitable. Glass cleaner is generally not a bad idea sometimes, on a cotton pad, he can also be used from time to time to wipe the straightening iron or curling iron .

How do you best clean the hairbrush?

The dry cleaning

First, if possible, all loose hair that still hang in the brush should be pulled out. This works very well with your fingers. However, if some hairs have become so entangled, the forming hair carpet can be carefully levered upwards and pushed upwards from the brush cushion with either a comb or a pair of scissors. If necessary: ​​cut the hair carefully .

The best thing to do is to pull out and collect all the hair immediately after each application. Thus, such a solid layer does not even form.

Wet cleaning (plastic)

  1. Put some shampoo (or the cleaning product of your choice) on the brush and lather it thoroughly . You can also soak in lukewarm soapy water .
  2. For stubborn dirt, scrub the pillow and bristles with special brush cleaners or an old toothbrush . But beware – not too tight, otherwise the bristles can be damaged.
  3. Rinse the brush thoroughly under cold or lukewarm water .
  4. To dry, first shake out the brush a bit. Then lay down with the bristles on a cloth. Please do not dry with the hair dryer or on the heater. That can attack the glue.

Cleaning with natural materials

Here, as already mentioned, use only a mild shampoo or some shaving cream . Both are specially designed for hair care – and nothing else are natural bristles in the end. However, to keep the wood of the brush in contact with water as little as possible , let some water into the washbasin and swirl the foamed-in brush with the brushes first until it is clean again.

Thereafter, the natural brush should be stored with the bristles down and dry in the normal room air. After 12 – 24 hours, the brush is operational again. In addition, it is advisable, by the way, to care for the wood part with a little oil .

If it has to befast?

Some people come up with the most exciting ideas. So keep asking questions whether a hairbrush can be cleaned in the washing machine or in the dishwasher.

From the washing machine you should keep better distance . Here by the intense spin the brush – but also the machine – would probably rather suffer. By contrast, the dishwasher is quite an option. Place the hairbrush in the cutlery basket and have the work done by the machine. This is only possible with synthetic materials.