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How to clean and polish patent leather shoes

clean and polish patent leather

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What is the best way to clean and polish patent leather shoes, bags and other accessories? Our guide outlines ways to do it and keep the leather looking beautiful.

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If you have patent leather shoes at home, you can’t avoid an elaborate care. It is not so easy to maintain patent leather shoes. Our care tips will help you.

Patent leather shoes – as a little girl you always liked to wear them. Mostly in white or black. Today, patent leather shoes are a must have for every woman and of course for every man. Whether in classic black, bright red or subtle colours – every woman should have a pair of patent leather shoes at home. In order for the shoes to really stand out very well, women should wear rather simple clothes. When combined with another patent leather accessory, such as a patent leather belt or a patent leather bag, you look perfectly dressed.

But men also like to wear patent leather shoes. Many men like to wear patent leather shoes to a suit or tuxedo. Of course, this looks very elegant. But many also like to combine denim pants and a T-shirt with patent leather shoes. The patent leather shoes add a touch extravagance to this look. Men usually prefer to wear patent leather shoes in black or other subtle colours. Of course, there are also patent leather shoes for men in unusual designs. For example, men can buy checkered patent leather shoes.

How to clean and polish patent leather

Care alone is not enough to make the patent leather shoes or accessories always look beautiful. You also have to buy expensive means to bring the shoes to a high gloss and to maintain the patent leather. But does it really have to be? Some simple means are enough to optimally care for the shoes. So you don’t have to spend extra money on expensive leather care products if you have the actual care products at home for a long time. Just try the following tips.

Maintaining patent leather shoes – 7 tips

You can rub patent leather shoes easily and cheaply with olive oil or castor oil. Then let the oil draw in and polish the shoes with a soft cloth until they shine. If you do this from time to time, then take care of your patent leather shoes in a really cost-effective way. But there are many other options that may seem a little unconventional, but which are just as effective as olive oil or castor oil.

Take a banana peel or the peel of an orange and polish the patent leather with the inside of the peel. You will see that the shoes look like new again and that you no longer have to buy expensive products to care for them.

The heavily stressed buckling points and creases of the patent leather shoes should be rubbed with baby oil on the inside. This allows you to prevent some lacquer from peeling off. In addition, you keep the leather beautifully supple.

It is best to clean patent leather shoes only with a slightly moistened, soft cloth. It is best to avoid any cleaning agents. These usually cause the leather to dry out and become brittle.

If your leather shoes don’t shine as nicely and look rather matte, then you should put some milk or Vaseline on a soft cloth and massage into the shoes. Let the whole thing work briefly and then polish the shoes until they shine nicely again.

Lacquer shoes are very sensitive. Especially at minus degrees you have to be careful. Before you leave the house, you should wear the shoes for a while to absorb your body heat. This is the only way to protect your shoes from frost damage. If you don’t do that, the leather may break.

If your lacquer shoes have got wet, then you should never put the shoes near the heater. Lacquer shoes should always dry at room temperature. It’s best to put a bit of newsprint in your shoes. This then absorbs the liquid.

Just try these tips. Not only do you care for your shoes optimally, you also make them shine again.