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How to clean a Thermomix correctly

clean a Thermomix correctly

How do you clean a Thermomix correctly? How do you shine the Thermomix bowl and clean Thermomix accessories? Our guide outlines how to do it properly.

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The Thermomix is ​​quite expensive to buy. Proper cleaning and care is all the more important so that you can benefit from it for a long time.

The Thermomix is ​​the VIP among kitchen machines. Vorwerk’s kitchen machine prepares a wide variety of dishes in everyday life in a child’s play, innovative and “intelligent”. The only thing that the Thermomix really needs help with is cleaning. This can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming. It is important for maintaining functionality, aseptic food preparation and a long service life. Once internalized, Thermomix cleaning is usually easy to do.

Steps to clean a Thermomix correctly

Clean after every use

If you want to enjoy your Thermomix for a long time, you should thoroughly clean it after each use. The easiest way to remove food residues is when they are fresh and not yet baked on the material. The machine does not require any special cleaning agents. Dishwashing liquid and warm water remove most residues and contaminants with ease. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised.

Clean the mixing bowl

The mixing bowl starts off the cleaning. It is the Thermomix element that comes into contact most with the various dishes and foods. If the mixing bowl is not cleaned thoroughly, germs and bacteria can form in it over time. There are various options for cleaning the mixing bowl when you clean a Thermomix correctly:

  • Immediately after use, it is sufficient to rinse the mixing bowl under running, warm water. The use of warm water is important to reliably remove grease residues.
  • More stubborn dirt can be easily removed with detergent and warm water. Both can act for a short moment before the mixing bowl is cleaned with a brush or a soft sponge (no pot scratch!).
  • You can clean the mixing bowl of the TM31 and TM5 yourself with the support of the food processor. In this case, add detergent with 500 ml of water to the pot, put the mixing bowl back on the Thermomix and start it at level 8. Now you have to turn the counterclockwise rotation on and off naturally. This is how stubborn dirt is loosened. A Thermomix brush is a valuable aid in the final cleaning by hand.
  • The mixing pots of the models TM31 and TM5 are dishwasher-safe and therefore particularly easy to clean. Cleaning in the dishwasher also leaves no residue on the knives.

Remove dough remnants

Anyone who prepares dough with the Thermomix knows the problem: Most doughs stick during preparation and are left over in the mixing bowl or on a knife. Water alone is not enough to reliably remove them without damaging the mixing bowl. This would only stick the dough and lead to further contamination.

To minimize the cleaning effort, flour should be added to the mixing bowl again. Usually one or two tablespoons are enough. The remaining dough absorbs the flour and becomes drier. It is easier to remove from the rim of the pot. A practical tool is a plastic spatula. With it, dough remnants can be loosened so that there are no scratches on the mixing bowl.

Reliably remove stubborn dirt and burned-in substances

Even in the Thermomix, something can burn into the mixing bowl during preparation. With flowing water, an optimal result can usually no longer be achieved. For cleaning it is advisable to switch to the functions of the Thermomix. This reduces the cleaning effort enormously.

Stubborn dirtPut 500 ml of water and several drops of detergent in the mixing bowl. Switch everything on at level 4 at 80 degrees Celsius. Cook for 8 minutes. Then rework with a soft washing-up brush before pouring the water out. Pour out the mixing bowl and rinse again thoroughly with clear water and dry.
BrandedBranding can sometimes be persistent. Pointed objects are absolutely taboo in the Thermomix. A dishwasher tab is a good way to remove burnt-on ingredients. This is poured into the mixing bowl together with 400 ml of already hot water and then cooked on the Thermomix at 100 degrees Celsius. Levels 2 and 7 minutes are sufficient for this.

Cleaning Thermomix accessories

The typical Thermomix accessories and the mixing bowl are easiest to clean under running, warm water. As with other kitchen accessories, washing-up liquid and a cleaning brush with soft bristles are practical aids. The soft bristles prevent scratches and damage to the materials. Dishwashing liquid always has a fat-dissolving effect. Cleaning can be accelerated with the brushes.

Most of the Thermomix accessories can also be cleaned in the dishwasher to clean a Thermomix correctly. If there is enough time, particularly careful cleaning is possible. Dishwasher-safe are:

  • Cooking basket
  • measuring cup
  • Thermomix butterfly (stirring attachment)
  • Varoma
  • Knife (from TM 31)

The spatula is best cleaned under warm water. A cloth can be a valuable aid here when loosening food residues.

Clean the Thermomix knife with a brush

Due to its position, the Thermomix knife is difficult to clean. The same applies here as well: quick and immediate cleaning after use is by far the best choice, but food residues that are not immediately visible tend to remain in the cracks and on the underside. These are an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria and should therefore be removed as soon as possible as part of the steps to clean a Thermomix correctly.

The right tools are required to clean the knife. Small, thin, round brushes that are slightly pliable are a good choice. In addition to the bottle brush, there is a special mixing knife brush. Countless small bristles are attached to this elongated brush, which excellently remove food particles from the cracks. To do this, the brush must be moved back and forth during cleaning. A slight pressure also helps to loosen stuck residues.

The brush must then be rinsed thoroughly and best placed in a glass or cutlery basket to dry. Many brushes can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Cleaning base unit

In addition to the mixing bowl, the base unit of the Thermomix can of course quickly become contaminated during cooking and baking. A cloth is sufficient to remove any stains. Flour, spices and sugar can be wiped away with a dry cloth. If there are stains, the cloth may be damp. Care must be taken to ensure that it is not too wet, as this could damage the Thermomix. After wet cleaning, the Thermomix should be wiped dry.

Use lemons or mandarins to shine the mixing bowl

When the Thermomix is ​​new, the mixing bowl is still noticeable for its shine. As soon as it has been used several times for the preparation of dishes, dough, jams and the like, the shine is lost. The surface appears dull. This is only a beauty flaw, by no means a cleanliness shortcoming. If you don’t like it, you can use a little trick to give the mixing bowl the desired shine again. If mandarins are processed into jelly in the mixing bowl, the shine returns. The fruit acid can make the dull surface shine again without requiring a lot of cleaning.

After the jelly has been prepared, the mixing bowl only needs to be cleaned thoroughly with water and detergent. If it is dry, it shines again as after the purchase. Changes to the surface are not only a problem with the mixing bowl, but also occur with accessories after prolonged use. Spices and various types of vegetables in particular are responsible for the less beautiful discoloration. Vorwerk accessories can be safely placed in the sun for a long time. The discoloration then dissolves again and the accessories return their usual color.

Unpleasant smells in the mixing bowl

By preparing various dishes, the mixing bowl can smell unpleasant over time. To get rid of this smell, you need to reach into the bag of tricks. Odor-binding substances that reliably eliminate bacteria are the solution here. The following home remedies are recommended:

  • Vinegar: Vinegar is a popular odor suppressant and is used in many places in the household. It can also remove unpleasant smells in the Thermomix mixing bowl. A bowl of vinegar must be placed in the pot overnight.
  • Coffee: As an alternative to vinegar, coffee can remove odors. A little coffee powder is placed in a coffee filter and placed in the mixing bowl overnight.
  • Coffee beans: Smell control works faster with whole coffee beans. At level 10 of the Thermomix, these can be ground directly in the mixing bowl. Most of the time the smell will disappear after 30 seconds.