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How to choose: vacuum vs robot vacuum

vacuum vs robot vacuum (1)

What are the best criteria to choose between a vacuum vs robot vacuum? Our guide outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Modern vacuum robot or classic vacuum cleaner? Everyone has probably asked this question before. What are vacuum robots good for and are they on the best way to replace the classic vacuum cleaner?

Vacuuming is part of the household chores, like doing regular laundry and cleaning, whether we like it or not. There are supposed to be people who are really up for housework, but in most cases it’s the other way around. It is not for nothing that more and more high-tech models are coming onto the market that are supposed to make household chores easier for us. So cleaning the window with a window vacuum should be much easier and faster, even ironing is becoming more and more attractive with automatic ironers and in the vacuum cleaner sector there is now competition with the classic vacuum cleaner. But do the devices really do what they promise? Can a vacuum robot be replaced by a simple vacuum cleaner without a doubt? We’ll outline the pros and cons so you can decide between a vacuum vs robot vacuum.

What is a vacuum robot?

Vacuum robots are now at least as well known as the classic models. Visually, the robots are similar to a UFO that sweeps across the floor and draws in the dirt. They should make the job easier. Because, for example, while you clean the bathroom, fold laundry or simply put your feet up after work, a vacuum robot can completely free the floor of dirt without outside help. The battery-operated devices with external base station for recharging are equipped with infrared and ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles such as stairs, cupboards and other objects in the living area.

There are now countless models, some of which even have a wiping function. The manufacturers always want to make it easier for hardworking housewives and men.

Vacuum vs robot vacuum: pros and cons

There are no devices that only have advantages. There is always a point of criticism. The point of view varies only a lot here. Some can live with one disadvantage or another, for others it is a knockout criterion. It depends.

Robot vacuum: advantages and disadvantages

vacuum vs robot vacuum (1)

Small, handy and space-saving – that’s how a robot vacuum comes along. That is three plus points for the automatic vacuum cleaner. The compact size makes it easy to store. In addition, the devices are very flat, so that they also vacuum up under furniture, beds and sofas – quite the opposite of the classic vacuum cleaner, which rarely fits under the furniture mentioned above. In addition, the vacuum robot test showed that the devices do their job much more quietly than the big competitors. So if you like to let the part run when there is a visitor or other family members are still sleeping, you have a major advantage here. In addition, the back is not burdened here.

As already mentioned above, even the best device has decisive disadvantages. In this case, the accessibility of corners must be pointed out. This is not the case with the round devices without side brushes. Dirt that is located in corners is not captured by the device, so that a normal vacuum cleaner still has to be reworked. Since the vacuum robots are on the move with batteries, it can happen that the work cannot be done in one go in very large areas. The vacuum robot has to drive into its charging station in between and is only used again when the battery is charged. When cleaning, you should also generally expect a longer “working time”.

In addition to the technical disadvantages, in my opinion there is another one to name for the vacuum robot. Some vacuum robots are equipped with sensors to detect hurdles and to limit the rooms. They are also integrated into the WiFi network so that their owner can control or program them using a smartphone. This data is stored so that it can be called up again and again by the manufacturer. 

Some media reports now speak of espionage in the living room. If, for example, burglars succeed in hacking the robot vacuum, they get access to highly sensitive data from your private WiFi network. Hackers could then break into our networks via the Internet, for example. However, this problem does not only affect vacuum robots, but generally every WiFi-enabled household appliance that is hyped under the keyword SmartHome.

Overview of all advantages and disadvantages:

sucks independentlyCorners are not cleaned properly
programmablenot suitable for high-floor carpets
low heightnot recommended in winding houses
light weightlonger suction time
easily stowedBattery life could be too short
quieter than normal vacuum cleanerPossibility of hacking
lower power consumption
automatically recognizes paragraphs

Classic vacuum cleaners: advantages and disadvantages

vacuum vs robot vacuum (1)

Classic vacuum cleaners with their higher suction power vacuum much more thoroughly than vacuum robots. A normal vacuum cleaner has it easier, especially with animal hair. The biggest advantage is the flexibility. With a classic vacuum cleaner you can not only clean the floor, but also

  • Upholstered furniture
  • Car seats
  • Raised carpets
  • or to remove cobwebs

The problem, however, is that classic vacuum cleaners are significantly larger and bulky, so they need more space to accommodate somewhere. Unlike the vacuum robot, you have to do the work yourself. But if you do not pay attention to the correct posture when vacuuming , you can have problems with your back.

All advantages and disadvantages at a glance

higher suction poweryou have to suck yourself
gets into every cornervolume
suitable for high-floor carpetsheavier weight
sucks animal hair betterlarger storage space necessary
can also be used in the carBack problems possible
Upholstered furniture can be cleaneddependent on cord range
flexible use
also cleans uneven surfaces


Vacuum cleaner or robot vacuum? That is the question. In the end, everyone can answer the question individually. If you prefer a floor on which there is no crumb or dirt at all times, you should choose a vacuum robot. He can do his rounds every day without having to do a lot of work with it. Vacuum robots prefer large and free areas. If there are too many hurdles or if the surface to be cleaned is too angled, a vacuum robot will reach its limits. Then the classic vacuum cleaner is needed. This is preferably used for larger dirt or when it comes to cleaning upholstered furniture or car seats or removing the cobwebs from the ceiling.

In my opinion, a vacuum robot is really a good invention to make regular household chores easier. Honestly: putting your feet up while the house is being vacuumed automatically is a convincing argument. As a second device, I don’t want to do without my classic vacuum cleaner, simply because the areas of application are significantly more extensive.