How to choose the right hair oil for your hair type

right oil for your hair type

Our hair is often very stressed. The strong sun, frequent washing and salt or chlorine water in summer, and the cold temperature and dryness in winter. So you can enjoy beautiful hair, you should try hair oil to preserve the beauty of your hair. We’ll tell you how to find the right oil for your hair type.

Finding the right hair oil is not always easy as hair has a different structure. You should therefore know the degree of porosity of your hair. To do this, do a simple test. Divide one or more hairs and slide with your thumb and forefinger along the shaft of the hair from the tip to the approach along. Depending on how smooth or rough your hair is you need different hair oils. But which oil is the right oil for your hair type?

Right oil for your hair type: Grade of porosity and its care

If your hair has a high porosity , then the hair sheds stand out. Although moisture is absorbed quickly, it is also easily lost again. Her hair is rough, dry and dull. This degree of porosity can occur in strained / broken hair, but also in healthy curls. Here help: hair oils with a lot of proteins (eg egg, milk, wheat and silk proteins), plasticizers (eg fatty alcohols or butter) and polyunsaturated oils (eg grapeseed, hemp and linseed oil).

If your hair scales are not close together and not too wide open, then they have a medium / normal porosity. These hairs feel slightly rough in the test and are relatively resistant and elastic. For hair of this grade you do not have to pay much attention to care and should only be wary of silicones when you looks for the right oil for your hair type.

If your hair has a closed layer of dandruff, moisture and care can be difficult to penetrate. The hair is glassy and smooth. If this is the case, then you have low / low hair porosity. Dyeing is difficult with such hair, but they are supple, shiny and resistant to external damage. Here help: hair oils with humectants (eg aloe vera, glycerin, honey and pantheol) and saturated oils (eg babasu, coconut and olive oil) are the right oil for your hair type.

Long hair may have uneven / mixed porosity . For example, dry and stressed tips can have high porosity, while their remaining hair has normal or low porosity. Here it is advisable to work with different oils and to care for the individual zones of the hair individually.

Tips regarding hair oil care

Caution should be exercised when using hair oil, as overdosage can quickly lead to greasy and stringy hair. For shoulder-length hair, two drops of hair oil are usually sufficient. Rub it in your hands and so warm it up to body temperature. Then it can be easily distributed in the hair.