How to choose the right eyeshadow for your eye color

right eyeshadow for your eye color

Image via: Pexels

How do you actually make up for your type? Which eyeshadow suits which eye color? We show you in several tips, what suits you best to choose the right eyeshadow for your eye color. Choosing the right shade can enhance and open up your eyes, making the them the focus of your face. When matched with the right colors of foundation, it’s a perfect look.

Brown eyes

Ninety percent of the world’s population has brown eyes. These radiate peace and warmth, and are therefore when you choose the right eyeshadow for your eye color are best emphasized with warm colors. This is how rosé, gold or beige tones work especially well. If you want to emphasize the eyes, take notes like plum, green or coral pink. Gray tones are also very good for brown eyes – even better than blue ones.

Blue eyes

Blue eyes are most common in Scandinavian countries like Finland, with almost ninety percent of the people living there having blue eyes. If you want to emphasize your blue eyes by choosing the right eyeshadow for your eye color, you should bet on brownish earth tones, as they occur in nature. The blue stands out so intensely and appears even brighter and stronger. Metallic shades or a shimmering rosé also set the scene very well. If you only want a subtle make-up, it’s best to use a blue-gray or taupe.

Green eyes

Only two to four percent of people have green eyes. This makes it the rarest eye color. It should not be accented with light tones like rosé, but with strong, bold colors like purple, a warm brown and orange, gold or copper. Warm tones are not your thing? Then use silver or petrol, which is also very friendly with green eyes.

Gray eyes

For gray eyes, no matter which color is mixed, the same colors as for blue and green can be used. Generally you should note when applying that you always used a lighter tone inside than outside. So the eyes look bigger and you look immediately more alert.