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How to choose the right baby formula milk the first time

best baby formula milk

This guide outlines the different kinds of baby formula milk and the factors in choosing the best one for your infant.

When a little one comes to this world, parents are trying to do everything possible to provide them with the best food, clothing items, care products, toys, best teachers and so on and so forth. We all know that diet plays a crucial role in our physical and mental state, so you definitely understand how important it is to find the most suitable baby formula milk for an infant, who needs so much energy to grow and develop.

All the experts encourage breastfeeding and call it «the best food for your baby». The mother’s body knows perfectly what her baby needs to have. So it fully satisfies all baby’s requires with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and other nutrients. There is nothing in breast milk that can cause allergy or other kinds of health issues.

Another fact, and the one that distinguishes between breast milk and baby formula, is that the first one possesses natural antibodies that cannot be substituted. They play an important role in building a child’s immune system. Be sure, they are really helpful when it comes to resistance to different infections and diseases. So, if you have the possibility to breastfeed, do it.

What is baby formula milk?

When women are unable to breastfeed because of different reasons, they need to find the best alternative to it. You have been definitely going through supermarket shelves and noticing the wide range of different baby formula milk from different brands. They are actually called the most suitable alternative to breast milk.

So baby formula milk is specifically created to substitute breast milk, to enrich your baby with all the necessary nutrients and make him or her thrive. They come in different packaging, composition, price policy and functions. So it takes time to choose the right one for your special baby.

If you want not to harm your little one and choose the right baby formula milk for the first time, you need to take some recommendations into account.

  1. Choose organic baby formula over regular ones


A lot of parents choose organic baby formula milk not because they are gaining popularity nowadays, but because of their way of production. The word «organic» really means «pure» from different adverse ingredients that may provoke some health issues. Animals and plants are grown in environmentally clean conditions and are not fed with chemicals.

As a result, organic baby formulas have healthy milk without any antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, fertilizers, additives and other synthetic elements. Moreover, they have just the right balance of nutrients that assure your child’s timely development and well-being. That’s why this baby formula milk is surely healthier for children than regular milk.

In addition, European baby formulas are popular all around the globe because of their high quality products that have only positive effects on babies. So you definitely should give it a try.

  1. Consider the different types of baby formula milk


  • cow’s milk-based formula

That means that the main ingredient in this baby formula milk is cow’s milk. Usually, babies really like it and do their best with this type of formula. It has the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Moreover, it includes casein and whey as breast milk does, but in slightly different proportions.

Generally, cow’s milk in its pure form isn’t suitable for babies under 6 month of age, but baby formula has a specially created composition that only benefits a little one.

  • goat’s milk-based formula

They are normally produced in the same way as cow’s milk-based formulas but they don’t always have a modified casein-to-whey proteins ratio. Goat’s milk and cow’s milk proteins are quite similar but it is claimed that goat’s ones are a little bit easier to digest.

So if your little one cannot take cow’s milk formula it’s possible to give goat’s baby formula milk a try. But it’s not gonna work if a baby has a serious allergy to these proteins. Once your baby gets more than 6 months old and you start to introduce solids, you can give him or her a small amount of natural goat milk.

  • partially or fully hydrolysed formulas

If your baby has some problems with digesting a formula, you should try this one. The proteins in these formulas are broken down into smaller pieces and a baby takes and absorbs it easier. Fully hydrolysed formulas are considered to be hypoallergenic and are a great option for babies who suffer from allergies or milk intolerance. They can also protect your loved one from different health issues such as eczema, asthma, hay fever and others.

  • soy-based formula

They are made from a plant protein that is easy to digest. Of course, there are a lot of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and others to make it suitable and beneficial for baby formula milk. You can choose soy-based formula for different reasons, but bear in mind that some experts don’t recommend them for babies under six month or premature babies.

  1. Choose the form of baby formula milk that will be convenient 

Baby formulas come in two main forms: ready-to-use liquid, and powdered. You need to consider the convenience, especially if you have to regularly prepare a baby bottle for travelling.

First the liquid is most convenient to use and doesn’t require any mixing and measuring. You need to spend just a few seconds in order to open and serve it to your baby. Of course, it is hygienic and it can be helpful when you are traveling and don’t have access to safe water.

But most mothers choose powdered baby formula milk types as they are cheaper and easy to use at the same time. It has a long shelf-life and is easy to store and mix. You just need to follow some basic instructions and it takes a few minutes.

  1. Consult a doctor

Before starting on a baby formula milk, it’s always better to talk to your health provider. The experts know better about different types of baby formulas that can be found on the market. Moreover, he can professionally evaluate the features of your baby’s body and make the right decision on specific baby formula.

Most importantly, do it if you have a family history of allergies or other health issues. While choosing the unsuitable formula you can harm your baby and it can lead to some negative consequences.


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