How to choose the best electric scooter accessories

electric scooter accessories

This guide outlines the top 5 electric scooter accessories, and what you should look for when choosing them.

Electric scooters are no longer a novelty. Increasingly common and more advantageous, electric vehicles have dominated the streets, especially in large cities, as a form of economy and agility. An electric scooter is a fun and eco-friendly way to get around. But while they’re great on their own, accessories can make your scooter even more versatile and fun.

7 best electric scooter accessories

But some accessories are better and more useful than others. Here are the top seven best electric scooter accessories to buy this year.

1. Helmet

A helmet is one of the must-have electric scooter accessories. E-scooters can travel at 15-20mph, so it’s vital to protect your head when using one.

The type of helmet you choose will depend on how fast you’ll be traveling on your scooter. For slower speeds, you may only need a bicycle helmet. But if you plan to travel at 15+mph, a motorcycle helmet will provide you with better protection.

If you’re looking for maximum protection, go with a full-face helmet, which will protect your entire head and face in case of a crash. However, open-face helmets still leave your chin, nose and mouth vulnerable to injuries.

When choosing a helmet, make sure that it meets all of the appropriate safety standards. You don’t want to skimp on quality when buying a helmet.

2. Lock

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for e-scooters to get lost or stolen. A lock is one of the best electric scooter accessories to consider. It’s an inexpensive way to protect your investment, and you have quite a few options.

Conventional bike locks are a great choice, but you can also find scooters that have built-in security. For example, some scooters will only unlock if your phone is nearby. For regular locks, most riders prefer U-Locks because they’re exceptionally hard to break open and highly durable. Other lock options include:

  • Chain: Durable and heavy-duty, chain locks typically have padlocks. They’re secure, but not as travel-friendly as other options.
  • Cable: Light and portable, cable locks are flexible and easy to secure to a scooter, but they’re also relatively easy to cut.

Locks can be rated as Bronze, Silver or Gold, with Bronze being the least secure and Gold being the most secure.

3. Basket

If you’re using your scooter to run errands, an electric scooter basket is one of the great electric scooter accessories to have. You can easily store any items you buy in the basket for easy transport.

It’s important to make sure that the basket is compatible with your e-scooter and can hold a decent amount of weight. Baskets are an excellent addition to e-scooters, making them more versatile and convenient for everyday use.

4. Charger

A charger is more than just one of the “nice to have” electric scooter accessories — it’s a must-have. Of course, your scooter will come with a charger, but it may be useful to have another one (perhaps at work) or to choose one that offers quicker charging speeds.

Make sure that you choose the right charger for your scooter’s battery. The manufacturer may sell this accessory on their website, but you can usually find them from independent sellers as well.

5. Carrying Strap

If you’re hopping from scooter to train or don’t want to leave your scooter outside unattended, among the electric scooter accessories you may want to get is a carrying strap. A carrying strap makes it easy and comfortable to carry your scooter around. Just put the strap over your shoulder, and you’re ready to go. You can also find carrying bags that make it even easier to transport your scooter in any weather.

Look for straps that have padding where the strap meets the shoulder. The padding will make it more comfortable to carry the scooter around over longer distances or for longer periods of time.

Over-the-shoulder straps are the most common and popular choice, but you can also find carrying handles that attach to the scooter body. These wrap around the scooter using heavy-duty Velcro, and an ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry it around. Choose the option that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

6. Storage Bracket with Lock

A storage bracket allows you to hang the electric scooter on your wall or in your garage. This is one of the handiest electric scooter accessories if you are short on floor space, don’t want to trip over your scooter, or just like things to be today and organised.

Many storage brackets come with an integrated lock, but if you choose one that doesn’t you can still lock your scooter to the bracket with a chain or regular scooter lock.

7. All-purpose Tool

You hope, of course, that you will never have anything come loose while you are out riding. But it’s always best to be prepared, and one of the best electric scooter accessories to take care of minor problems is an all-purpose tool with several features.

Look for ones that have multiple arms that fold up like a Swiss Army knife, and ensure that the have the size of fittings that match the screw, bolts and Allen keys on your scooter.


Accessories make your e-scooter even more useful, safer and fun to ride. These five accessories are the best to buy. A helmet will protect you, a lock will protect your scooter, baskets give you storage when traveling, a charger keeps your scooter going and a carrying strap makes it easier to transport your e-scooter. A storage bracket keeps things neat and tidy, and an all-purpose tool can get you out of trouble many times and back riding again without interrupting your day too much!

If you’re going to invest in accessories for your electronic scooter, these ones will offer great value for the money and ensure you can enjoy your electric scooter even more. We wish you happy scootering, and hope you have lots of fun — and safe — adventures on your electric scooter. Also read: How to care for an e-bike properly