How to choose the best cloud hosting platforms: the review list

best cloud hosting platforms

This guide outlines the factors you need to take into account to find the best cloud hosting services for your virtual machines.

Hosting virtual machines is essential for many businesses. It can help cut down some costs, while also making the process simpler and more convenient. With that in mind, having the right cloud platforms to host those virtual machines is what sets it all apart.

Best cloud hosting services

There are a variety of challenges that come from comprehensive, dependable cloud platform solutions. Here you have a list with some of the best cloud hosting platforms.


Over the years, Hostinger has quickly become the go-to solution for hosting virtual machine. It’s a dependable cloud platform and their prices are affordable. On top of that, their quality is very good too, which goes to show the amazing value you obtain from them. Hostinger also creates an automatic backup for your content too, something that can be very helpful.


HostArmada’s main appeal is the fact that it can help you host a variety of virtual machines and other content. They are an affordable cloud service and they also bring in a multitude of different specs and systems in place. What’s great is that you will appreciate their great return on investment, and their quality is great too.

You can work with an Azure managed services provider and also rely on a cloud platform service like They are very good at bringing you cache options and fast loading.

Plus, setting up and hosting a virtual machine on this platform is seamless and highly convenient. That’s why it can be well worth a try, just use it to your advantage.


Kamatera doubles down on cloud hosting and security. So if you need a secure hosting method, this can be a great option to keep in mind. Their processors and storage are very fast, and that means your virtual machines will have lots of power and speed. That, combined with the great prices and fast setup times recommend this as a valid contender.


Cloudways can help you especially if you want managed hosting and great virtual machine support. They can host apps without a contract lock-in too, something that will help provide a very good result. On top of that, there are free backups just in case you need any safeguard or a method to avoid any possible problems that can appear.


Another great option for hosting virtual machines comes in the form of SiteGround. They have great scalability features along with fully managed support and assistance. Depending on your needs, they also offer dedicated IP, private DNS and SSH access, among others. That makes them an exceptional service with great solutions to consider especially if you want to host your virtual machines.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is an excellent provider of cloud hosting and virtual machine solutions. They are extremely good when it comes to VPS, and they also stand out when it comes to security and features.

You also have root access unlimited incoming bandwidth, an integrated firewall and other amazing benefits. That’s what makes it so good, the fact that it’s very efficient, comprehensive and professional. Plus, there are other perks like free migration that do add up to deliver an excellent experience.

Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting is beloved by a lot of people that want to host a virtual machine. It’s an excellent service that a lot of people use and it certainly pushes the boundaries when it comes to the efficiency and availability they offer. Not only that, but they offer redundant uplinks, a dual power supply system for the hosting computers and you can even monitor the resource usage with ease. All of that adds up to convey an excellent result and exceptional value, which is exactly what you would expect from a top of the line cloud platform.


Serverspace might be newer than many other services, but it focuses a lot on the user experience. And that shows, because you have an excellent value for money and a fast, efficient way to customize everything.

They use SSDs, so your virtual machines will have a very good speed as well. Plus, you can go for any custom configurations, which are easy to do and they take just a couple of minutes to finalize. We highly recommend giving these a try, and you will be impressed with their performance.


Cloudzy is on a lot of people’s list and for a very good reason. It’s an affordable service, and like many on this list, you can fully customize everything you need. They have 15+ locations worldwide, and the SSDs they use are highly reliable.

Plus, they still keep a very good uptime, not to mention you get firewall features, DDoS protection and other security focused benefits. All of these add up to give you a tremendous value and incredible results.

TMD Hosting

Private servers like TMD Hosting ones are very reliable and they do provide a tremendous return on value. Not only that, but these services are extremely dependable, and you will be very happy with the experience they provide.

On top of that, they have redundancy, SSD storage, and they even offer managed storage services if necessary. They can also host your emails and protect them from spam too.


Vultr is inexpensive, and they have a plethora of services worldwide. They do have great CPUs and great performance, not to mention you do have an inbuilt control panel that allows you to perform many administrative tasks fast and with a great convenience.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba also offers cloud services, and their servers are mostly in China. However, don’t worry about speeds, because they do have top of the line equipment and the connection is extremely good. That’s why we include Alibaba Cloud in this list, as it’s very affordable, yet it still gives you the benefits you want.


All of these are exceptional options that can help grow and expand your business. They all deliver great efficiency and have a proven track record when it comes to offering outstanding benefits. It’s never easy to find a great cloud platform especially when you want to host virtual machines. However, these are all exceptional solutions, and they can deliver tremendous results.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric