How to choose the best nail art trends

best nail art trends

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Whether exciting designs or great colors. Nail polish trends come and go as do fashion trends. Read our guide to the best nail art trends.

Best nail art trends: colors

This season it’s mostly blue in all variations (like this one from Cote), especially in combination with green duotones or undertones. In addition to blue and green, we see colors continue to classics like red , especially red wine, and bright shades of brown , gray and dark purple shades on nails are the colors for the best nail art trends.

Metallics and effect paints

Last year you did not miss Metallics. Whether Chrome Nails or Mirror Nails: Metallic textures can always be rediscovered. Metallic nail art is exciting and makes every look special. Especially golden metallics look very glamorous. You can now wear the Bold Glamor Look outside of festive occasions. Likewise, glitter in different sizes gives your nails that certain something. Multi-dimensional effects are achieved by holo lacquers and two-tone effect lacquers.


It is the first big nail polish trend of the new year. Instead of white or nude nails you stick to transparent acrylic nails, which you can decorate afterwards. Add accents with nail art accessories to make the look even more eye-catching. Pebbles or holographic elements make your see-through-nails an absolute eye-catcher as one of the best nail art trends.

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Nail art

In addition to the colors you can let off steam in 2017 again with patterns. Above all, fine lines on the nails and half-and-half designs are the main features in 2017. Also popular are fingertips in rainbow colors.

Peel off products

Removing nail polish may take a while, especially with effect paints. That is also the reason why we prefer to do this simply and prefer to resort to the classic colors. But so-called peel-off products now promise easy removal of the nail polish by peeling off.

Nail polish trends 2017

Nail art has a lot to offer! Be it the shrill sea-through-nails, gold metallics or the quiet gray. It is definitely the right trend for everyone!