How to change your mindset for career growth

change your mindset for career growth (1)

How can you change your mindset for career growth? Our guide explains the simple psychology behind this powerful strategy for growth and change.

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What do successful people do differently from those who have been stuck in the same job for years dissatisfied or who never realize their dream project? Above all, successful people try to avoid something: standstill. They are not afraid to make mistakes or fail, but they are not afraid to continue to develop. Let us now define the definition of success. It means something different for everyone. For some, it is to become their own boss, or for others, to implement their own dream project or to take the side step. To be successful you need the right mentality.

The ‘right’ mindset: Fixed vs. Growth mindset

What does it mean to have the right mindset (= mindset) for success? The American psychologist Carol Dweck has divided our way of thinking into two categories: the “fixed mindset” and the “growth mindset”. A “fixed mindset” makes us think that talent and intelligence are static. The “growth mindset”, on the other hand, means that we believe that we can continue to develop our skills if we only do enough effort. Having a growth mindset is important to be successful. We have to believe that with enough practice and perseverance, we can always get better and achieve our goals.

The good news is that our mindset can change. Our lives can become different if we learn to look at them from the growth mindset.

Questions you can ask yourself about negative and limiting thoughts

  • I tried but failed. Could I try again with a different strategy?
  • I have failed. Isn’t failure just part of the learning and success process?
  • I’m just not smart enough. Have others not been successful through a lot of work and practice?
  • I will never make it. Isn’t it just a matter of time? Do I give up too early?
  • I don’t know if I can ever do it. What plans do I have to make so I can achieve it?

If you already notice that you are becoming more courageous and optimistic and want to finally look around for your dream job, get our there and do it! Or have you noticed that you actually want to do something else professionally?

6 ideas to change your mindset for career growth

1. We all make mistakes

To change your perspective, fully understand and accept this fact. Making mistakes is always part of a growth process. If we fail, it doesn’t mean the end. Successful people have also hit rock bottom. Try to keep this in mind (if it helps, Google successful people like JK Rowling, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc. and their backgrounds).

2. Choose challenges more often

If we have a fixed mindset, failure can be seen as failure and very limiting. The more you look for the challenge and learn to fail and still continue, the more you train a growth mindset. It is important to prefer safety from time to time.

3. Understand growth as a process

Do not just define yourself by results, but learn to appreciate the process. There will always be challenges, obstacles, but also experiences of success. Accept that and it will be easier to take on challenges with all the uncertainties.

4. Accept that we are all different speeds

Go your way at your pace. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Do not compare yourself to the successful author who is the same age as you and who has “achieved a lot more”. As I said before, as long as you don’t stand still, you are heading for success.

5. Acquire resilience

Resilience is the ability to deal with crises and stressful situations and not to be overwhelmed by them. You will find numerous tips online on how to acquire this property.

6. Write down positive messages

Write down a few messages in terms of the growth mindset, for example on post-it notes, and stick them somewhere where you can often see them. The more we repeat thoughts, the sooner we believe them. Write things like, “I can do xy if I work hard enough for it.” “Failure is only one step on my way to realizing my goals.”

I wish you every success on the way to the growth mindset and don’t forget to celebrate the small successes on the way there.